Two Reviews One Album Blue Oyster Cult 50 Anniversary – Live in NYC – First Night

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Reviews by Mick Sayce and Steve Shipley

Blue Oyster Cult 50 Anniversary – Live in NYC – First Night

In 1967, a group of musicians got together to form a band in New York. Who would believe that the group would still be recording and touring fifty-six years later with almost minimal line-up changes? (By the way, they took their name from a group of aliens on Earth who have guided the planet through history in poems written by the band’s then producer, manager and sometime lyricist, Sandy Pearlman (1943-2016)). In that time they have released fifteen studio albums, eight live albums and no less than twenty-one compilation albums -twenty-two now if you include this one!

These tracks have easily stood the test of time with nine taken from the very first album recorded back in 1972 with a further seven from albums from the same decade. This includes the band’s iconic song ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’ -from the fourth album, Agents of Fortune (released in 1976)- which is still widely played today, nearly fifty years on. The remaining eight cover the releases from the eighties forward.

If you like Blue Öyster Cult then this album is right up your street. To the background sound of an appreciative live audience, there are plenty of toe-tapping and seemingly ageless tracks for your delectation. Apart from the obvious one, there are a few other hits including ‘Stairway To The Stars’, ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Career Of Evil’ (written by Patti Smith).

The single most impressive thing about the band is their longevity, especially when you consider that at least two of them are in their seventh decade!

Current band members include:

Buck Dharma aka Donald Roeser -guitar (the only remaining member from the start)

Eric Bloom -vocals and guitar

Danny Miranda -bass and backing vocals

Jules Radino -drums and percussion

Richie Castellano -keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Track Listing:

01 Transmaniacon MC, 02, I’m On The Lamb But I Ain’t No Sheep, 03 Then Came The Last Days of May, 04 Stairway To The Stars, 05 Before The Kiss, A Redcap, 06 Screams, 07 She’s As Beautiful As A Foot, 08 Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll, 09 Workshop Of The Telescopes, 10 Redeemed, 11 Dr Music, 12 Burnin’ For You, 13 Train True (Lenny’s Song), 14 Tainted Blood, 15 Harvest Moon, 16

Dancin’ In The Ruins, 17 The Vigil, 18 Career Of Evil, 19 Box In My Head, 20 Godzilla, 21 (Don’tFear) The Reaper, 22 In Thee, 23 That Was Me, 24 Hot Rails To Hell.

After 50 years of Blue Oyster Cult the 1st instalment of the 50th anniversary three-night live masterpiece from Sony Hall in NYC was a set of 3 sold-out shows in a row from the American Hard Rock band.

The First Night comes in two versions of a 3 LP album pressed on Black or Gold Vinyl or if you get it on CD it comes in the form of 2 CDs plus a DVD. Each of the three shows featured the band playing one of the entire first three albums (BLUE OYSTER CULT, TYRANNY AND MUTATION and SECRET TREATIES) plus a set of classics from their other albums.

For fifty years Blue Oyster Cult has been one of the only hard/heavy rock bands to appeal to both commercial and the mainstream, making them so successful over the fifty years they have been around. And was also a major influence on bands such as Metallica.

This album starts with the classic Dr Music

Dr Music – is a powerful energetic tune with captivating lyrics, it’s a liberating song that paints a picture of bringing people together, providing an escape from everyday life which is as relevant today as it was when it was 1st released.

Transmaniacon MC – is about the Altamont Free Concert and is remembered for the use of Hells Angels as security and the violence at the concert – MC stands for Motorcycle Club. The song comes at you with a strong guitar and blends well with the energy of the powerful lyrics making this an unforgettable energy of the live performance.

Train True (Lenny’s Song ) – has a blues/country feel about this song, catchy lyrics and will get you up dancing or a least your foot tapping.

Screams – is the 6th song on the album once again the guitar is powerful as with most of the songs on the album with its strong riffs but letting the vocals come through and be heard.

She’s as beautiful as a foot – a short but tongue-in-cheek song meaning that she is ugly when he bit into her face, with a catchy psychedelic type sound on this, taking you to a different world.

(Don’t Fear) The Reaper – By far the most well-known song on the album with the guitar coming straight into this with its unforgettable riff and strong solo, and not forgetting the lyrics it’s a song that everyone knows.

I have only written about a few of the songs on this album but it will take you back over 50 years of Blue Oyster Cult with songs you may have forgotten but the songs have travelled well over time with the guitar riffs and fantastical tongue-in-cheek lyrics. I am sure it will take you back over the last 50 years of Blue Oyster Cult and back to the present day again.

Track Listing

Dr Music

Transmaniacon MC

Burnin for You

I am On The Lamb But I Ain’t No Sheep

Then Came The Last Days of May

Train True (Lenny’s Song)

Stairway To The Stars

Tainted Blood

Before The Kiss, a Recap

Harvest Moon

Dancing In The Ruins


She’s As Beautiful As A Foot

The Vigil

Career Of Evil

Cities on Flames With Rock And Roll Tab

Box In My Head

Workshop Of The Telescope



(Don’t Fear) The Reaper

In Three

That Was Me Hot Rails To Hell

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