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Review By Darren McIntyre

Philip Sayce is a guitarist/singer/songwriter originally from Aberystwyth, Wales via Toronto, Canada where he moved to and grew up from the age of 2 years old. Philip’s love of guitar started as a teen although he also played piano & trombone, his love of guitar shone through, he began playing in Toronto clubs aged 16 and caught the attention of Jeff Healey and subsequently joined as a member touring the world for nearly 4 years. He decided to pursue a solo career and moved to Los Angeles with his wife to realise his dream which has seen him support the likes of ZZ Top, Deep Purple and Milissa Etheridge. Philip has given us 9 studio albums and on the 23rd Feb, he dropped no 10 in the form of The Wolves Are Coming, from that release came the foot-stomping shredding monster that is Backstabber which I will be bringing you today.

Backstabber – From the off, we get a really deep sludgy guitar riff that welcomes a pounding rhythm section that gives us solid rocking snare drum punches that get this beast off the ground. The shredding guitar licks flow effortlessly through the intro as this foot-stomping arrangement lets the soulful vocals do their thing and let the groove kick in the doors and let this rocking beast punch us straight in the face, we have mellow basslines wrapping themselves around this slick well-made track as the groove just flows freely and allows the tone to take us to another place with is thundering drums that just let this juggernaut burst it’s way through and switches up the tempo as this boys just hit overdrive. The thundering rhythm section is setting the pace as the fast and furious guitar licks play catch up as the bassline drops meaty funk tones all through this rocking in-your-face beast that is leaving us begging for more.

Philip Sayce  –

                      Philip Sayce  –  Guitar / Vocals / Bass / Piano

                      Fred Mandel  –  Keys

                      Michael Leasure  –  Drums

Track Listing  –






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