Fully ‘Metalized’ in 2024: An Interview with Michael Stutzer of Artillery

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By Justin Smulison

I’m a huge fan of Artillery, an incredible Danish thrash band who have maintained their iconic status by releasing high-quality metal LPs despite several hurdles, tragedies and lineup changes.

As a testament to their longevity, Artillery is kicking off 2024 with a new live album, Raw Live (In Copenhell), which will be released by Mighty Music on Feb. 2, 2024. Only the second official live album in the band’s catalogue, it was recorded at the Copenhell Festival in 2022 and is a fitting tribute to the band’s former drummer, Joshua Madsen, who tragically passed away in a traffic accident in early 2023.

Guitarist Michael Stutzer is Artillery’s sole remaining founding member and he took some time to speak with me about all that’s happening with the band. We talk about the significance of the tracks on Raw Live, reminisce on some of my favourite Artillery deep cuts, the extensive touring planned this year in Denmark (via the Metalized Tour), and celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary in North America, the addition of new guitarist Rene’ Loua and new singer Martin Steene, and when Artillery’s 11th full-length studio album might arrive.

Song clips: “By Inheritance,” and “In Thrash We Trust” – both from Raw Live!




Artillery – Target/Mighty Music

Artillery – Metal Blade page


Metalized Tour 2024 | www.Metalized-Tour.com | Feb 2 – March 1 | Denmark | with Manticora, Demolizer and Exelerate

40th Anniversary North American Tour | March 27th (Austin, TX) – April 20 (Toronto, ON) | with Vapor and Potential Threat

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