The Noise Who Runs: ‘Mars Attached’ – A Dark Sonic Odyssey Through the Cosmos

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The enigmatic collaboration of UK-France duo The Noise Who Runs, led by Ian Pickering (of Sneaker Pimps fame) and Felipe Goes, unleashes their haunting single ‘Mars Attached’ as the finale to their EP, ‘Come and Join the Beautiful Army.’ Following the success of their debut album ‘Preteretrospective,’ this track seems poised to solidify their position as boundary-pushing sonic explorers.

‘Mars Attached’ immediately immerses listeners into an unnerving auditory journey, evoking a dystopian soundscape reminiscent of a collision between Massive Attack’s brooding atmospherics and Marilyn Manson’s dark intensity. The track thrives on atmospheric keyboards, ominously subdued vocals, and an unsettling three-note motif, akin to the haunting gasps of a soul in the throes of imminent demise.

The composition transcends mere music, painting a canvas of space’s desolation while grounding itself with mechanical beats that echo the relentless pulse of cosmic creation and human industry’s tireless rhythm. The song’s midpoint breakdown subverts expectations, reversing the underlying loop, propelling it into a controlled eruption—a cacophony where muted, screeching keyboards intertwine with urgent vocals beneath the dominant low voice.

Felipe Goes, the guitarist and instrumentalist, hails ‘Mars Attached’ as a testament to The Noise Who Runs’ capabilities, referring to the song as a playground for experimentation. While the guitars might seem elusive in this dark labyrinth of sound, Goes’ enthusiasm for the song’s remix potential resonates, showcasing its transformative potential from a tiny idea into an epic auditory spectacle.

However, the song’s intrigue extends beyond its musicality. Ian Pickering’s lyrical craftsmanship takes centre stage, crafting a structure akin to a musical palindrome. Yet, the lyrics reveal a deeper exploration, oscillating between introspection on the challenges of writing and a scathing critique of societal fragmentation, juxtaposed against humanity’s dream of colonizing celestial bodies, notably Mars—an endeavour tainted by exploitation over genuine exploration.

Mixed and mastered by Colin C at The Cell Studio, ‘Mars Attached emerges as a tour de force of sonic experimentation and thematic depth. The track, along with the EP’s earlier offerings, cements The Noise Who Runs’ place as artists unafraid to challenge conventions, both sonically and thematically.

Rating: 4.7/5

Note: Ratings are subjective and represent the reviewer’s assessment of the artistic and thematic elements within the music.

The single ‘Mars Attached’ is available on major music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp, accompanied by an entire catalogue of The Noise Who Runs’ compelling musical endeavours.

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