Robby Krieger & The Soul Savages – Ricochet Rabbit – Single Review- mascot label group

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Robert Alan Krieger aka Robby Krieger is a hall of Famer and founding member of the rock band The Doors, Robby has been active since 1964 and has been a successful musician who has worked with many many bands and artists over the years. Robby after his time in The Doors started projects The Butts Band & Robby Krieger & Friends. Today Robby brings us his latest project in the form of Robby Krieger & The Soul Savages who have given us the fabulous A Day In L.A. and follow that with the foot-stomping blues eruption that is Ricochet Rabbit which I will be reviewing for you today.

Ricochet Rabbit – The track begins with a sweet clean guitar pick that settles us into a groove that is just on the money, this track makes you feel like you have just strolled into a blessed club and set your eyes on this incredible all-star outfit. The first thing that hits you is the pumping bassline that wraps itself around these incredible keys that take your breath away from the outset, the rhythm section coming in with a real soulful punchy snare drum groove that lets the cymbal snaps take the track to another place with the foot tapping tone that is wandering through this classy blues eruption that has hints of jazz and soul attached to it. The slick clean guitar licks are like delicious smooth chocolate that melts all over this fantastic cool track that instantly puts you at ease as the killer groove just whisks us away to another place and gives us that soulful melodic feel that is a real epic tone.

Robby Krieger & The Soul Savages  –

                                                           Robby Krieger  –  Guitar

                                                           Kevin ‘Brandino’ Brandon  –  Bass

                                                           Ed Roth  –  Keys

                                                           Franklin Vanderbilt  –  Drums

Track Listing  –                       Ricochet Rabbit

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