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Review By Darren McIntyre

Manticora are a heavy/progressive / speed metal band from Hvidovre, Denmark who were formed in 1996 by Lars & Kristian Larsen. The boys have given us 10 studio albums and on the 26th of January, they will deliver one of the most anticipated albums of the year in the form of Mycelium, from that album comes the single of the same name to whet our appetites for the coming of this colossal new offering. Please settle down as I walk us through this epic new offering.

Mycelium – The track comes to life with a real moving almost haunting synth-like intro that makes way for a sizzling crisp guitar lick that is accompanied by a thundering drum section. The boys hit the ground running with this number as it kicks in the doors from the off and hits us with all it has and then some, the rhythm section is a fast and furious delivery of snare drum punches that work in harmony with a killer double bass kick party that lets this track erupt with joy. The soulful melodic vocals are shattering the air with their intense sound that flows effortlessly through this incredible piece of music, the bassline is dropping heavy grooves all through this colossal arrangement as the slick cool guitar riffs wander effortlessly along the backbone of this incredible track. The addition of the incredible backing vocals really elevates this monster to another level as the track just erupts with everything it has as the boys dig deep and deliver a fantastic title track opener.

Manticora  –

                  Lars F Larsen  –  Vocals

                  Kristian Larsen  –  Guitar

                  Stefan Johansson  –  Guitar

                  Kasper Gram  –  Bass

                  Lawrence Dinamarca  –  Drums

Track Listing  –


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