“Sonic Evolution: Since 2000’s ‘eyes for you’ Redefines Rock with Emotional Depth”

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Emerging from the vibrant musical landscape of Glasgow, Scotland, Since 2000 is a fresh rock quartet that pushes the boundaries of genre, delivering a unique and infectious sound that transcends conventional labels. The brainchild of vocalist and songwriter Dan Antonio, 2000’s journey began as a solo project in late 2022, and it has now evolved into a powerful four-piece ensemble.

The band’s influences draw from a diverse palette, encompassing early 2000s alt-metal, EDM, contemporary pop, and even cinematic soundtracks. This fusion results in a heavy, hard-hitting, and genre-bending musical experience that sets Since 2000 apart in the rock scene. Joined by guitarists Ben Main and Will Leuty, along with drummer Reuben Selman, the ensemble promises an expansive offering of new music in 2024, culminating in the release of their debut EP in the first quarter of the year.

Anticipation is high for their upcoming single, ‘Eyes for You,’ slated for release on 2/2/24 across all platforms. In a departure from the band’s tendency to explore tough subject matter, this track takes a poignant turn, delving into the transformative power of love and the beauty of establishing a meaningful connection after emerging from a dark place. The lyrics poignantly touch on the challenges of navigating emotional baggage in the pursuit of a sustainable relationship, highlighting the vulnerability inherent in the journey of love and self-discovery.

As Since 2000 continues to carve its path in the rock scene, ‘Eyes for You’ serves as a testament to their versatility and commitment to delving into both the shadows and the light of the human experience. This single marks a significant chapter in the band’s evolution, and its release is a noteworthy event for fans eagerly awaiting Since 2000’s next sonic revelation.

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