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Review By Darren McIntyre

Danny Kiranos aka Amigo The Devil is a singer/songwriter/guitarist/banjo player from Miami, Florida, his music is influenced by American folk, country, rock & heavy metal, that incorporates death & other dark subject matter. Danny has given us Manimals in 2010, Diggers in 2013, Decompositions in 2015, Volume 1 in 2018, Everything Is Fine 2018, Demos & Live’s & B-Sides 2020,  Born Against April 2021 and on the 23rd of February Amigo drops his awesome new album Yours Until The War Is Over and from that record comes his new single The Mechanic which I will be reviewing for you today.

The Mechanic – The track begins with fantastic acoustic strumming chords that set the scene as this melancholic arrangement comes to life(pardon the pun). The soulful smooth vocals ease us into this fantastic composition as we get a really fabulous stringed section flowing through the track which elevates this classic track, we are being taken on the journey with Amigo as he spells out the lyrics as the sweet cool acoustic chords just settle us into this incredible piece of music. The incredible lyrics are letting our imagination run wild as the song just wraps itself around us and gives us a real feeling of belonging as only Danny can do, this is a real taster for what is to come from the new album.

Amigo The Devil  –

                             Danny Kiranos  –  Vocals / Guitar

Track Listing  –

                      The Mechanic

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