‘Expedition One’ Arrives: An Interview with Metalite

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By Justin Smulison

The new year blasts off with Metalite’s fourth LP, Expedition One, a powerful and fun sci-fi concept album available worldwide from AFM Records.

Set on Earth in 2055, Expedition One explores how being a ‘transparent citizen’ has become a bitter reality, with physical and mental health conditions increasingly determining people’s lives. Headed by five ‘commanders’, a renegade team consisting of former intelligence service and military personnel plus breakaway tech company executives is planning a survival expedition to distant planets. Their mission: to transport mankind from our ruined planet to a new world, in the hope that new life will develop. A fantastic adventure begins, with lots of unexpected experiences and a completely new understanding of the mysteries of life.

That’s a lot to unpack, but thankfully singer Erica Ohlsson, guitarist and co-founder Edwin Premberg and bassist Robert Majd joined Jace Media contributor Justin Smulison to discuss the lyrical themes and how they even reflect the present day. The melodic metallers from Sweden also discuss what it was like to create music that tells a future story and how amped they are for the Myths of Fate tour in Great Britain and the EU starting in March, alongside NorthTale, Catalyst Crime and headliners Leaves Eyes.

Song clips: “New Generation” and “Blazing Skies

Metalite with Weapon:

Feb. 9 – Backstage Rockbar – Trollhǎtran

Feb. 10 – Hell Yeah Rock Club – Linköping

Metalite: Myths of Fate tour with Leaves Eyes, NorthTale and Catalyst Crime

March 14: The Asylum – Birmingham UK

March 15: Slay – Glasgow UK

March 16: The Dome – London UK

March 17: Academy 3 – Manchester UK

March 19: Hirsch – Nuremberg GER

March 20: Kofmehl – Solothurn CH

March 21: Matrix – Bochum GER

March 23: Bastard Club – Osnabruck GER

March 24: Hellraiser – Leipzig GER

March 26: Centralstation – Darmstadt GER

March 27: Backstage – Munich GER

April 11: Headcrash – Hamburg GER

April 13: Orowhaus – Berlin GER

Metalite line-up:
Erica Ohlsson (Vocals)

Edwin Premberg (Guitar) 
Robert Örnesved (Guitar)
Robert Majd (Bass)
Lea Larsson (Drums) 

Metalite online and social:

www.Metalite.sehttps://www.instagram.com/metalitesweden https://www.facebook.com/metalitemetalhttps://twitter.com/metalitesweden https://shop.afm-records.de/de/metalite


And if Robert looks familiar, it’s because he’s been on Jace. Hear him in 2023 interviews discussing Weapon’s New Clear Power (an album he produced and co-wrote) and one of his other fantastic bands, Nighthawk, which features Bjorn Strid on vocals.

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