The Sleeping Souls – Live – King Tut’s

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Review By Darren McIntyre Photos by Scott Anderson

The Sleeping Souls are a 5 piece powerhouse punk-infused juggernaut outfit who have just released their epic new album Just Before The World Stars Burning to rave reviews. This album takes them out of the shadows and thrusts them into mainstream eyes and ears to allow them to establish themselves as a band to be reckoned with, the boys deliver a well-crafted, thought-provoking slab of music that has allowed them to hit the road and showcase their insane talents, tonight they bring their infectious brand of rock n roll to Glasgow as they hit King Tut’s to shake us to our very foundations. The place readies itself as this 5 piece of rock n roll juggernaut takes to the stage and sets about bringing us a good time on this rather damp, howling night in Glasgow, first up is –

In the heart of Glasgow’s vibrant music scene, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut stands as a beacon for emerging talent, and tonight, it played host to the emotional energy of The Sleeping Souls. As the venue buzzed with anticipation, eager fans filled the space, ready to be swept away by the raw passion of this powering band.

From the moment The Sleeping Souls took to the stage, it was clear that this wouldn’t be just another gig; it would be an experience. The boys have stepped out of the shadows and given us a night to be savoured and let me tell you, the atmosphere was electric, crackling with anticipation and excitement.

The band kicked off their set with an explosive energy that set the tone for the night. Guitar riffs sliced through the air like a knife, while pounding drums drove the rhythm forward with relentless force. The crowd was hooked from the first note, drawn in by the opening beast that was”Rivals” which set the tone for the night’s endless salvo of crushing riffs and cool keys that got this place moving.

At the helm was lead vocalist Cahir who commanded the stage and brought a different dimension to tonight’s entertainment. His gravelly vocals soared above the music, delivering poignant lyrics with an intensity that sent shivers down the spine. But what truly set The Sleeping Souls apart was their undeniable chemistry; each member played off one another with seamless precision, creating a wall of sound that was as exhilarating as it was infectious. Next up was the mesmerising “Selfist” which brought melodic vocals that were wrapped in deep basslines that let this crowd know these boys mean business.

Highlights of the night included electrifying renditions of tracks like “Weathering The Storm ” and “Whispers,” which had the crowd singing along at the top of their lungs. But it wasn’t just the hits that stole the show; even lesser-known tracks were given new life on stage, infused with a raw energy that made them impossible to resist.

The boys seemed like they were really enjoying the night and were ready to show us a great time that was filled with cool rocking tunes, some craic and endless grooves that let these boys tell their own story as they delivered a cool rendition of “Steal Some Time” that brought us soulful vocals and slick clean acoustic strumming tones that allowed these boys to give us a night to remember, we were taken on a journey as they delivered tracks like “Underneath”, “Ceremony” and the colossal 

“Liar / Lover” took tonight’s show to another level as they gave us a masterclass in lyrical writing that caught us off guard and took us to another place, the boys were taking us with them as they ploughed through this scintillating setlist that showcased their endless talents as we stood and watched these boys step up and bring us “Scared”  that just took the tempo up a notch or two as the riffs poured from the stage and gave us a foot-tapping groove that took us hurtling towards the business end of this thrilling setlist before we rolled into “Nothing To Talk About” which brought the rhythm section into play as the solid snare drum punches drove right through the heart of Glasgow tonight as the boys came together and hit us with this epic groove piece.

We were feeling the punch as the boys really brought the groove tonight to this swelling audience we felt each track pulsing through our veins as it meant so much to every person in the venue tonight, as we hit the last track of the night the boys thanked us for coming out and helping them bring the groove to King Tut’s tonight, we rolled into the fantastic”Scrape”, the intro kicks in and we are off with a thundering power driven rhythm section that punches a hole right through Tut’s tonight as the boys up the tempo and bring the punk element to tonight’s shindig. The heavy riffed guitar licks are working their magic as the place comes to life with a real rocking tone that is the perfect end to a riveting evening of killer music.

In the end, The Sleeping Souls delivered a performance that was nothing short of spectacular. From start to finish, they held the audience captive with their electrifying stage presence and undeniable talent. And as the final chords faded into the night, there was no doubt that this was a gig that would be remembered for years to come.

The Sleeping Souls  –

                                  Cahir O’Docherty  –  Vocals / Guitar

                                  Ben Lloyd  –  Guitar / Backing Vocals

                                  Matt Nadir  –  Keys / Guitar / Backing Vocals

                                  Tarrant Anderson  –  Bass / Backing Vocals

                                  Callum Green  –  Drums

Setlist  –



            Weathering The Storm


            Steal Some Time



            Liar / Lover



            Nothing To Talk About             Scrape

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