Hillbilly Vegas – Live – Cathouse – central press pr

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Review By Darren McIntyre Photos By Scott Anderson

Hillbilly Vegas are a 5 piece rock n roll blues/country juggernaut from Oklahoma that came to our attention in 2011, the boys have given us Ringo Manor in 2011, 76 in 2016, The Great Southern Hustle in 2022 & Let It Ride in 2023. The boys have had their headline shows and opened for the likes of Blake Shelton, Kentucky Headhunters, Molly Hatchett, and Ted Nugent and tonight they bring their infectious country/blues groove to The Cathouse in Glasgow, please ready yourself as I take us through this gritty 10 song set that will certainly gain these boys some new fans. As the lights dim and the tension rises the boys hit the stage to huge applause we stroll into the blistering monster that is –

Mason Jars & Moonlight – Kicking tonight’s proceedings off is a deep bass-kicking rocker track that hits us with solid snare drum punches that allow this blues rocker the room it needs to grow. The soulful gravelly vocals work so well with the sweet clean keys that flow effortlessly through this killer track, the full-on bassline coming from Mr Todd Ronning is a cool meaty funk that wraps itself around this slick guitar-laden arrangement that is coming at us and builds with multiple guitar licks that come courtesy of these southern blues boys as they set the Cathouse alight tonight with their awesome tones that delight this swelling Glasgow crowd tonight, up next is –

Steady At The Wheel – A slick crunching guitar riff pours from the stage as this sludgy gritty beast cranks up the volume as we stamp our feet and let these boys do their thing. The heavy bass kicks let the rhythm section hit us with snare drum kicks as cymbal crashes fill the air and let us feel the swagger coming from this killer unit tonight, the mix on stage is just incredible as we are witnessing something special tonight as boys bring the heat as the crowd are fist pumping and nodding along to this killer southern blues arrangement that has given us that warm fuzzy feeling as this awesome outfit just builds and builds with every chord coming our way, next to grace our presence in the killer beast –

High Time For A Good Time – Steve hits us with his killer pipes as the deep funking bassline drops epic tones from the get-go and gives us a real foot-stomping beat. The boys are warming up as we let them bring their good old Oklahoma hospitality to the fine folk of Glasgow and take this killer track down the road. The pounding rhythm section throws out solid snare drum beats as the cymbal crashes fill the air and let the slick clean guitar licks catch us unaware, the tempo changes a little as the keys flow freely through the track and add depth to this southern hustle that makes us like these boys even more, we roll into the cool – 

Something Crazy – This is a gritty rocking beast that lets these boys showcase why they are here as they drive this juggernaut right through the heart of Glasgow. The groove is just on the money and the depth of the track is incredible as we feel each member do their thing and give us a real kick-ass rock n roll show that is just what the doctor ordered, we are stamping our feet and punching the air as the boys dig deep and take us on the journey with them as they deliver slick clean guitar riffs with a solid bassline that is wrapped in the melodic southern vocals as Steve just takes the roof off of The Catty tonight. The place is buzzing with excitement as the boys chat a little and tell us that it’s good to be on the road and performing for us tonight they also thank us for coming out to support live music which brings a huge cheer from this swelling crowd tonight, next up is the colossal –

Long Way Back – The tempo changes pace for a little as this blues ballad-style piece comes at us as Steve lets his fantastic vocal range take us on the journey with him and the boys. The cymbal snaps bring the rhythm section front and centre as the band is giving it their all tonight and I must say they are looking mighty fine and feeling the groove rolling through the Cathouse tonight. The sizzling guitar riffs are full of sass, and swagger and bring bags of depth to this classy track that is building and building as the boys show us what they are made of for sure, the place is buzzing with real excitement as the boys look out and see all the smiling faces beaming back at them as the slick cool keys brings the track front and centre, I have to say that the track was inspired by Steve’s grandfather who was stationed in North Africa and tells us he said come home and stay home and that is why it was so personal to Steve, coming at us next was a cool rendition of a Frankie Miller track –

Down The Honky Tonk – This track was dedicated to one of Steve’s favourite singers from right here in Glasgow Mr Frankie Miller which drew a huge cheer from this eager crowd. The track kicks in with cymbal snaps that combine well with the cool keys that are coming from the stage and bring a deep funking bassline that wraps itself around this awesome cover as the boys show us how it’s done, soulful gravelly blues vocals give this track a cool edgy blues feel as the crowd are watching intently as the track erupts with cool clean guitar licks that are letting this awesome track breathe as the cool Hammond style keys bring the whole arrangement together. The rhythm section is hammering away at the back of the room and giving us solid snare punches that are driven by deep bass kicks that are finished with cymbal crashes that take this track to another level as the crowd bellow back their appreciation, we stroll into a new track never played before to the delight of this excited crowd that just want more and more –

Let It Ride – This is a new track that has never been played before and Steve says that when all the reviewers leave they won’t remember this track, well he was wrong. There is a change of pace from the boys as the track opens up and brings swagger, sass, groove and bags of southern tones as the boys cut loose and hit us with depth that brings slick clean guitar riffs with soulful Hammond-style keys that drop epic tones on us tonight, the vocals are just awesome as Steve lets rip and fills the hall to the back with fine tones that deliver thought-provoking lyrics that let us drift away and let these guys deliver a well balanced, well-rounded piece that leaves us wanting more, wait here comes 

Oklahoma 32 – Steve chats with us and tells us of back home in Oklahoma and how they play rock ‘n roll and drink Oklahoma beer and give us it straight. The pounding bass drum gets this rocking bad boy off the ground as the bassline drops killer grooves that allow this redneck groover the room it needs to come at us, the vocals are just hitting us with a growing vibe that fits this awesome track that lets the snarling guitar riffs fill the room. The boys are giving it their all tonight as this punchy rocking bad boy allows us to stamp our feet and fist pump the air with real grit as we feel the energy pouring from this infectious band tonight, I can tell you that these boys are enjoying themselves tonight as they smile from ear to ear as they watch us enjoying ourselves right here in the heart of Glasgow, up next comes the thigh-slapping blues rocker that just lifts the roof off of The Cathouse tonight –

Shake It Like A Hillbilly – Cool sweet guitar licks are oozing from the stage as Steve chats with us and gets us to clap along with this deep pounding beat this rocking bad boy just erupts with sheer envy. The snare drum punches are filling the air as this epic track punches us straight in the face with a killer touch. The Hammond-style keys are littered throughout this foot-stomping rock n roll beast as the sweet vocals wrap themselves around this slick guitar-led monster that has all the boys kicking in and driving this beast right through Glasgow tonight. The bassline is dropping sweet meaty funk tones that work ever so well in this blues eruption that is oozing sweet tones and real swagger, we come to the last track of the night and I can tell you that these boys are gonna be back bigger, better, badder and bolder so watch out-

Hell To Pay – Pounding snare drum brings this killer track to life as the gritty guitar riffs pour from the stage and let this rousing monster do its thing. The towering vocals are erupting and letting this epic track do it’s a thing as the boys come together with real brotherhood and deliver a soulful bluesy track that has us stamping along to this gravelly monster.

rhythm section hits us like a freight train with solid beats that let this track stand tall and give us real groove as the slick clean guitar licks bring a gritty riff that works well with this fast-paced, furious tempo-driven rock n roll monster that is littered with awesome keys that bring this epic gig to a close as the boys take the applause, thank us for coming out and tell us they will be back for sure.

Hillbilly Vegas  –

                         Steve Harris  –  Vocals

                         Stacy Thornburg  –  Guitar

                         Johnny Reed  –  Guitar

                         Todd Ronning  –  Bass

                         Hiraldo Valetino Dominelli  –  Keys / Guitar

                         Troy Hollinger  –  Drums

Setlist  –

             Mason Jars & Moonlight

             Steady At The Wheel

             High Time For A Good Time

             Something Crazy

             Long Way Back

             Down The Honky Tonk(Franki Miller Cover)

             Let It Ride

             Oklahoma 32

             Shake It Like A Hillbilly

             Hell To Pay

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