Preacher Stone Unveils ‘V’: A Southern Rock Odyssey

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Review By Glen Parkes

After an eight-year hiatus, Southern rock aficionados Preacher Stone are back with a vengeance, set to release their highly anticipated album ‘V’ on March 29. Available for pre-order, the album promises to be a super-charged, emotive journey, showcasing the band’s growth and resilience over the years. Frontman Ronnie Riddle passionately reflects on the band’s journey, acknowledging the highs and lows that have shaped their new sound, stating, “It’s a reflection of our times, good and bad, and it grew into this epic collection of music that we’re sure all can relate to from any walk of life.”

The 10-track album kicks off with a trio of powerhouse songs, starting with the rocking intensity of ‘Hard Life PhD,’ followed by the swinging fun of ‘My, My, My,’ and the pedal-to-the-metal rush of ‘Ain’t As Easy As It Looks.’ Riddle emphasizes the band’s commitment to their fans, stating, “We write for our friends and fans first and foremost, to try to catch the feelings of things we love, lessons learned the hard way and what we take away from playing every show.”

Featuring previously released singles ‘Damage Is Done’ and the heartfelt ‘Rise Up,’ ‘V’ encompasses a collaborative creative effort, with each band member contributing to the musical tapestry. The album explores various themes, from the nostalgic ‘Till We Meet Again’ to the storytelling prowess of ‘Dance With The Devil,’ providing a diverse and engaging sonic experience.

Hailing from North Carolina, Preacher Stone’s high-octane, rock-n-roll guitar-driven songs have earned them a dedicated fan base known as “The Congregation.” The band, consisting of Ronnie Riddle, Marty Hill, Ben Robinson, Jim Bolt, the late Johnny Webb, and Wyatt, infuses their music with heart-wrenching tales and the swagger of their live performances.

The album cover pays tribute to the late Johnny Webb, and ‘V’ marks the band’s return to the UK for an exclusive run of shows, culminating in a main stage appearance at the revered Maid of Stone Festival in Mote Park, Kent.

The penultimate track, ‘Rain Or Shine,’ captures a good-time summer vibe while addressing mixed media messages on current events. Closing with ‘Home,’ Preacher Stone weaves a tapestry of their experiences, bringing the album to a poignant conclusion. Recorded at the legendary Gat3 Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina, and produced by the multiple Grammy-winning Glenn Tabor, ‘V’ showcases Preacher Stone’s commitment to pushing boundaries while staying true to their Southern rock roots.

In conclusion, ‘V’ stands as a testament to Preacher Stone’s dedication to their craft, promising an unforgettable musical journey that transcends time and resonates with fans old and new. The tracklist alone suggests a diverse and powerful collection of songs, making ‘V’ a must-have for any Southern rock enthusiast.

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