Pryma’s Electrifying Performance at Nightrain Bradford: A Night to Remember

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by Erin Greasley

Attending my first gig back at Nightrain Bradford, I was in for a musical treat that surpassed all expectations. Pryma, the hard rock sensation from the South-East, took the stage as the main supporters before She Burns Red, setting an exceptionally high bar with their unforgettable performance.

Pryma’s musical prowess was evident from the moment they hit the stage. Their unique blend of melodic lyrics and heavy-metal riffs showcased a captivating sound that effortlessly navigated through various genres and inspirations. The band’s creativity shone through as they weaved intricate melodies and delivered emotionally charged lyrics, captivating the entire audience throughout their performance.

Opening their set with the powerful “My Cold Shadow,” Pryma revealed their hard-core side, immediately grabbing the attention of the audience. Gabriella, the remarkably composed lead singer, seamlessly transitioned between raspy and melodic tones, leaving me as a listener utterly intrigued. The chemistry among all four band members was palpable, creating a harmonious musical experience.

Their 7-song setlist was a journey through Pryma’s impressive musical talent, featuring standout tracks like “Suicide Storm” and “Survival.” The band’s cohesion was undeniable, and it left me hopeful for their promising future in the music scene. Each member played a crucial role in the ensemble, contributing to the overall sonic experience that resonated with the audience.

As they approached the end of their set, Pryma unleashed their latest single, “Dead to Me,” featuring heavy double bass and electrifying guitar riffs. The crowd was completely absorbed, and the energy reached its peak during the closing song, “Freaky Friday Night,” which even involved some enthusiastic audience participation.

Pryma is undoubtedly a band to watch, especially if you’re seeking upcoming female-fronted metal. The melodic yet raspy mix of their sound is both captivating and intriguing. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering their work, Pryma is a recommendation for anyone looking to witness an electrifying and memorable performance. I eagerly anticipate their future endeavours and success in the music industry.


  1. My Cold Shadow
  2. Suicide Storm
  3. My Bastard Gods
  4. Survival
  5. 1:23:45
  6. Dead to Me
  7. Freaky Friday Night

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