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Review By Darren McIntyre Photos By Scott Anderson

” The Greatest Opening Act Of All Time” by Jae Sims & that’s a fact

Rubikon is a 5 piece rock n roll juggernaut from Boston, Massachusetts that delivered 4 albums between 2004 – 2019. The boys have had the pleasure of touring and opening for the likes of Disturbed, Black Label Society, Damageplan, Sevendust, Shinedown & Nonpoint, they have also had their headline slots. The boys are out on the road atm and tonight they stop off @ Nice n Sleazy for their arranged / re-arranged / unplanned / planned show to open for the gladiators that are The Treatment, please join me as I run the rule over this crazy grunge laden band that is their first time in Glasgow and first time rocking Scotland, they tell me they want to come back asap so I tell them they better be good, not much is known about these boys so I had a little chat before the show to find out, please look out for the impending video –

Chickfight –  Kicking in the doors early for a Tuesday as the boys bring a kinda Rage Against The Machine vide to tonight’s proceedings as the place hits boiling point. The thundering drum kicks fill the air as a funking bassline drops epic tones that let this monster come for us as the gravelly rasping vocals pour from the front of the stage as Jae gives it his all, the shredding twin guitar attack is ripping Nice n Sleazy a new one as the place is jumping around and fist-pumping to these Boston boys as they bring the heat to tonight’s proceedings. The stage is awash with super talented musicians as they drop killer riffs that just get us all moist and ready for a night of grunge rock and roll that will certainly see these boys back on our shores very soon, the place is rocking as the boys lead us onto –

Live That Lie – A punchy bass kick flows from the outset as this grungy beast rears its head and lets us feel the swagger coming from this raging monster that is standing before us. The soaring vocals roll right to the back of the room as we get down and dirty with these boys as they give us a real night of thundering beats and epic bassline tones that we just can’t get enough of, the whole place is fixed on the stage as the boys clap and get us to join in and get the groove moving. The tempo is a slowed affair that builds with the thundering snare drum punches as the groove gets louder and louder and gets these boys all fired up. the guys are smiling from ear to ear as they thought tonight’s shindig was off but alas Glasgow wanted rock n roll and believe me we got it, the boys stride into new tracks from their yet untitled new album as we get the epic –

Down – This is a fist-pumping dirty groove-laden beast that carries on where we left off with a thundering bassline that works so well with slick clean guitar riffs that get this place rocking. There is a real balsy beat from the rhythm section as they kick us where it hurts with an awesome tone that gives us just what we came for tonight, then I will say that these boys have accomplished one thing tonight and that is getting us Weegies on their side as they just rock out, throw epic grooves our way and get the hell out of dodge as they see us smiling from ear to ear with real joy on our faces as we have another new brand of rock brothers to welcome from the USA, The place is feeling the groove crash through Glasgow tonight and we want more for sure, up next is –

Mail Slot – Dark sludge tones are pouring from the stage as the boys up the heat with solid punchy snare drum kicks that bring the house in tonight. Gravelly rasping vocals ooze from Jae as he strolls around the stage(or is that slipping around the stage) as the place is reaching boiling point with the sheer energy pouring from every one of us tonight. The boys hit us with slick guitar shreds that are wrapped is sweet, deep soulful basslines that let this track breathe, we are standing feeling our chests bursting with the sheer power coming from the boys tonight. These boys have been a real surprise as they came, saw, conquered and tamed the roaring Glasgow crowd tonight, we catch our breath for a second as Jae chats and thanks us for coming out for the arranged / re-arranged rock n roll show and asks us if we are ready for another ass kicking as we reply hell yeah, next is –

Welcome Mat – Fast-paced foot stomping dirty sludgy groove gets this awesome track off the ground as the place just feels the tempo change direction. You get punched straight in the face with the intense beat that is hitting us from the rhythm section as it brings solid snare drum beats that bring in killer basslines that let us feel the funk pouring towards us tonight, this is another new track I believe which is getting it’s first playthrough for us fine folk of Glasgow tonight. These boys have used everything in their arsenal tonight to bring us the best show they can and boy have they done good, hitting us next is the aptly titled –

Spores, Molds, Fungus – Another banger opens with a killer punch as the boys hit full speed and bring the Glasgow crowd along for the ride. Heavy guitar licks fill the air as the twin assault shows no signs of slowing down as we punch the air and feel the swagger kicking us right in the face, pounding beats with deep bass grooves get us moving as this rocking monster gets under our skin. Solid guitar riffs with cool bass tones set this track apart as the sludgy dirty tones give us a real killer beat that leads us right into the the killer track –

Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart(Stone Temple Pilots) – A gritty guitar salvo kicks in the doors as the rhythm section hits us with snare drum punches and cymbal crashes that are getting us all hot under the collar. The bassline wraps itself around this cool rocking beat as Jae’s rasping vocals fit this arrangement perfectly as the place gets to grips with this cover and lets us rock out and let this track bring us sweet clean licks that are wrapped around sweet soaring snare punches that are rounded off with cymbal crashes that make this an awesome cover song to give us tonight, next up is cover number 2 in the form of –

Love Rears It’s Ugly Head(Living Colour) – We get all funky and fresh as cymbal snaps come at us as the snare drum punches combine with bass kicks that let this epic cover spring into life. Bass grooves are the order of the day as the boys get all up in our grill tonight with this dirty funk monster, we get cool melodic vocals that let this killer track take us to another place again as we relish this fantastic cover that is putting smiles on faces tonight. The place is grooving to this killer beat as we sing along and let these boys take the reins and charge on down the road and hit us with slick deep guitar tones that are just epic, up next –

Leave It Alone – Pounding drums are the order of the day as the boys drop the hammer and kick in the doors with this fist-pumping rock n roll groover. Shredding power riffs are soaring through the venue as the boys bring the heat to this last but one track that has just delighted the fine folk of Glasgow tonight, the place has taken these boys to their hearts tonight as killer bass drops epic funk tones that allows the rhythm section the room it needs to get us moving with ease tonight. These boys are enjoying themselves tonight as they tell us that it has been a pleasure to play for us tonight This draws a huge cheer from this sold-out eager crowd that just feels complete as the boys lead us right onto –

Lose It All – Soaring raspy guitar riffs punch a hole through Sleazy’s tonight as this thundering beast rears its head and gives us a real pounding beast to finish with tonight. The rhythm section is coming in with bass kicks that allow the snare punches the room they need to get us grooving tonight, our gravelly rasping vocals work well in this bass-driven track that just ploughs on through with deep funking beats that let the rhythm section command the room with deep gutsy tones that are letting the twin guitar licks do their thing as this track reaches its climax, an epic night of sludgy groove-laden tracks that has given this outfit a whole new army of fans.

Rubikon  –

               Jae Sims  –  Vocals

               Josh Gruss  –  Guitars

               Dave Raymond  –  Guitars

               Hugh Eaton  –  Bass

               Doug Arsham  –  Drums

Setlist  –


            Live That Lie


            Mail Slot

            Welcome Mat

            Spores, Molds, Fungus

            Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart(Stone Temple Pilots)

            Love Rears It’s Ugly Head

            Leave It Alone             Lose It All

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