Florence Black – ‘Bed Of Nails’

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Heavy Rock

Independent Release

Release Date – February 2nd 2024

Review By Smudge

Florence Black returns with one of the most anticipated records of 2024. The fact that this should have been released late last year only added to that anticipation. Having seen them live a few times I can honestly say that these guys are the real deal and they’ve got everything they need to be massive.

A squally guitar line cranks up ‘Start Again’ before Tristan Thomas stamps on his gain pedal and they’re off on a mighty slab of bluesy heavy rock that has a huge vocal melody. Thomas croons and roars with a perfect mix of soul, rock and metal. ‘Don’t Hold Me Down’ carries on a good start with a spidery riff on the verses before another huge riffing and melodic chorus. The title track has more of a modern edge with a tight angry riff and superb harmonies – boy Jordan Evans bangs that trusty Thunderbird providing a massive groove. ‘Taxman’ is a raucous banger with a wonderful ‘wah-wah’ solo then ‘Look Up’ is a steady southern rocker that’s catchier than the common cold.

The acoustic comes out for the power ballad ‘Warning Sign’ which is another total earworm and destined to be a hit! ‘Beautiful Lover’ is another modern mid-paced rocker then things hot up on the raunchy and punchy ‘The Way Home’ before the arena-sized groove of ‘Solid 9’. Things get a bit spooky on the heavy psych rock of ‘Rockin’ Ring’ then we get folk rocky on the sing-a-long ‘The Forest’ before the final melodic rock of ‘Back To The End’ ends things on another memorable melody.

Florence Black can do it all – seriously. You want heavy metal with gruff vocals – you got it. You want groovy party rock – you got it. You want southern rock n roll – you got it. Folky acoustic ballads – you got it. What amazes me is that they do it all at the same world-class level. Tristan Thomas has the gift of the riff, but he can blaze, solo and fill with the best of them plus this guy can sing – anything! He’s aggressive, masculine and soulful too. Let’s not forget that rhythm section of Jordan Evans and Perry Davies. Tighter than ducks butt – Evans provides a huge bottom end that shares equal billing with Thomas and Davies is a beast behind the kit keeping it real. Difficult second album – my arse! This is gonna be a classic! Stunning, superb, great, fantastic, add your own superlative coz I’ve run out.

Tracklist –

1 – Start Again

2 – Don’t Hold Me Down

3 – Bed Of Nails

4 – Taxman

5 – Look Up

6 – Warning Sign

7 – Beautiful Lover

8 – The Way Home

9 – Solid 9

10 – Rockin’ Ring

11 – The Forest

12 – Back To The End

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