A Force of Nature: These Wicked Rivers’Rock Infused Triumph on ‘Force of Nature’

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Release Date: 1 March 2024 Label: Fat Earth Records

These Wicked Rivers, hailing from Derby and firmly entrenched in the new wave of British rock and roll, have once again asserted their musical prowess with their latest release, ‘Force of Nature.’ Having made waves in the UK rock scene since their formation in 2014, the band’s evolution is evident in this blues-infused modern rock masterpiece.

The album kicks off with the titular track, “Force of Nature,” a dynamic and electrifying opener that sets the tone for what’s to come. With its energetic riffs and compelling rhythm, it’s a statement of the band’s confidence and musical prowess. The momentum continues with “The Family,” a punchy track that showcases the tight cohesion of the band and their ability to craft infectious hooks.

“Black Gold” follows, revealing a darker and more introspective side to These Wicked Rivers. The haunting melody and soulful vocals create a captivating atmosphere, proving the band’s versatility. “Testify” is a standout with its extended runtime, allowing the band to explore different musical landscapes, displaying both technical skill and emotional depth.

The album takes a contemplative turn with “When the War is Won,” a soul-stirring anthem that explores the complexities of life and resilience. “The Riverboat Man” is a full-on Rock interlude, showcasing the band’s ability to seamlessly blend genres while maintaining a cohesive sound.

“Just to Be a Man” and “Lord Knows” further showcase These Wicked Rivers’ songwriting prowess, with the former carrying a poignant narrative and the latter delivering a powerful, anthemic quality. The emotional climax arrives with “Don’t Pray For Me,” a mesmerizing and personal track that lingers in the listener’s mind.

The album concludes with “Lonely Road,” leaving a lingering sense of introspection. Its reflective nature serves as a fitting end to the musical journey crafted by These Wicked Rivers throughout ‘Force of Nature.’

01 Force Of Nature 3:53 02 The Family 3:18 03 Black Gold 3:36 04 Testify 5:01 05 When the War is Won 5:30 06 The Riverboat Man 3:32 07 Just to Be a Man 4:46 08 Lord Knows 4:07 09 Don’t Pray For Me 5:32 10 Lonely Road

The band’s growth and maturity are evident in every track, and ‘Force of Nature’ solidifies These Wicked Rivers’ position as a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary rock scene. As they embark on their ‘Peace, Love & Lampshades’ tour armed with this stellar album, it’s clear that 2024 is poised to be a monumental year for the band. If you’re a fan of blues-infused modern rock with soulful vocals and powerful instrumentals, ‘Force of Nature’ is a must-listen.

“These Wicked Rivers” have once again proven their mettle with ‘Force of Nature.’ The album is a testament to their growth as musicians and their ability to weave together a cohesive and powerful collection of songs. As they gear up for their ‘Peace, Love & Lampshades’ tour, there’s no doubt that 2024 will be a monumental year for the band, firmly establishing them as a force to be reckoned with in the rock scene.

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