Florence Black – Live – Classic Grand

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Florence Black is a 3 piece rock band from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales who came to our attention almost 9 years ago in that time we have been given EP I, EP II, the final EP and the blistering debut album Weight Of The World, this has won them the accolade of (Planet Rock, Best Band of 2022). Florence Black are Tristan Thomas, Jordan Evans & Perry Davies who have been cutting their teeth on the festival circuit and numerous support slots to the likes of Ugly Kid Joe, Kris Barras Band, Steel Panther and conquering Frankfurt opening for the mighty Bohse Onkelz, the boys have been busy writing and recording and were hoping to bring us their blistering new album Bed Of Nails last year but stuff got in the way, not to be downbeat the boys soldiered on and decided to hit the road in celebration of their new record. Tonight the boys open their latest UK Tour right here in Glasgow, please ready yourself for a stunning night if gritty, sludgy rock n roll that will certainly put a smile on your face, the house PA fades and the smoke machine hits overdrive and from the shadows come the all-conquering 3 piece to huge cheers from this sold-out crowd, the boys holler out Hello Glasgow before they launch into the title track of the new album –

Bed Of Nails – We have a sampler tone running from the intro that gives way to a blistering guitar riff that kicks in the doors and brings us a powering beast of a track. The soaring gritty vocals fit this arrangement well and the dark mellow bassline drops cool grooves all over this fantastic piece of music, we are getting a powering rhythm beat that has cymbal crashes that work well with the pounding snare drum beats that control the beat as this rocking beast rears it’s head and just punches us straight in the face with it’s intense feel that is what we have come to expect from this bruising trio from Wales, a mixture of rock n roll with sampler elements that compliment each other perfectly and no mistake as the place erupts with huge cheers and punching fists we roll into –

Start Again – A sludgy gritty powering riff erupts from the get and we are off as the pounding bass kicks let the rhythm section get this blistering opener off the ground. The deep bassline brings the groove to this solid arrangement as the guys pick up where they left off with a furious rock n roll beast that is held together with the gravelly rasping vocals that command this cool track. We have real solid snare drum beats that control the track as the cymbal crashes rain down on us with furious anger and let us know that the boys are back and back with a bang as this colossal opener proves just that, they stand like gladiators taking the plaudits as we set ourselves up for the blistering –

On The Ropes – From the off, we get a thundering rhythm section that hits us with snare drum punches that are solid with a real blistering beat as the cymbal crashes rain down on us as this rock n roll juggernaut crashes through the heart of Glasgow tonight. The growling gravelly vocals set the tone as this fist-pumping, foot-stomping monster shakes The Classic Grand to its very foundations the groove flows from the stage as the boys give it all they have as this killer track builds and build with sheer fury and lets us feel the energy oozing from the boys tonight. Full-on bass tones are wrapping themselves around this growling beast as the crowd goes nuts for these 3 boyos from the valleys, the place is in full swing as we roll into –

Solid 9 – Returning to the fold we get a pounding rhythm section that drops killer snare drum beats that let this fantastic track break free and get us on the road. The bass kicks are hard, and heavy and drive this melodic rocker onwards as the shredding power riffs rain down on us and let the towering vocals do their thing and bring the heat to this killer track. The boys have dug deep and brought the noise with this offering as it has diverse tones, slick licks and harmonies that are just awesome and let us know that the boys have taken their time in delivering a well-thought-out slab of blistering rock n roll that will take your breathe away.

, I heard a quote that made me chuckle as a friend said it’s Like Taking A Shower Wae Yer Claes Oan in the middle of the gig lol, with that in mind we strolled into –

Don’t Hold Me Down –  A cool melodic groove pours from the start as the shredding guitar riffs let this monster off the leash as it builds and builds. The cool bassline is dropping epic tones that let the whole track come together and give this track a heavier feel as the soaring power vocals come armed with a real sludgy tone that fits this arrangement perfectly. The rhythm section is coming at us with real depth as the bass kicks let the groove open and let the snare punches take this track onward, the track has a deep melodic feel that tells us that these boys have been honing their craft to give us this blistering slab of rock n roll. The new album is certainly getting a workout tonight with a slurry of tracks that are certainly going down well with this sold-out crowd, next up –

The Deep End – Tristan lets rip with a sludgy gritty guitar lick that has us all waiting for the explosion as the deep pounding rhythm section punches us straight in the face with a deep kick that is wrapped in the gravelly heavy vocals that lets this fantastic track come to life. The bass is dropping cool funk grooves that let this cool dark rocker track make it’s path as we feel the shredding riffs fill the venue with ease, the cymbal crashes letting the rhythm section flow freely as the slick dark guitar licks mesmerise us as Tristan drives forward and just socks it to us with real ease as this foot-stomping beast leaves it’s mark, up next is –

Look Up –  A cool guitar lick lets this awesome track burst into life as the deep funking bassline drops epic grooves all through the intro to get us all excited. The solid snare drum punches let the rhythm section bring the heat as this rasping beast gets us all hot and sweaty this fantastic track tells its own story as the boys unleash the beast for us to rock out to. The shredding riffs are deep with swagger and bags of groove as we just listen intently as the tempo changes pace a little and just explodes with sheer powering riffs the vocals work immensely well with this fist-pumping rocker track that is just getting us warmed up for sure. The new tracks are coming over well as the crowd ar punching the air with joy as the boys deliver a no-nonsense set that is full of power-driven licks and soaring guitar licks, we are feeling the power as the rhythm section digs deep and socks it to us as we stroll into –

Taxman – The rhythm section comes into play as the pounding beats combine with a shredding guitar riff that lets this awesome track run free and let us have it. The gravelly vocals let this track break free and deliver a sludgy gritty feel that is just on the money, we get a short sharp guitar solo that wets our whistles for what is to come for sure. The drum fills are just awesome as they let the groove wander effortlessly through this foot-stomping rock bruiser as the boys build and build as they deliver a no-nonsense killer set that is blowing us all away, trust me it is happening right now, rolling straight into –

Warning Sign – Sweet melodic strumming chords open this cool offering as bass kicks wander freely through the intro as smooth soulful vocals let us feel the softer side of this rocking trio. Snare drum beats break the silence as this crunching beast breaks free and lets the boys give it their all as the foot-stomping beat lets this track come for us, the bass is again at the heart of this cool track as drops meaty funk grooves that just wrap themselves around this melodic rock number that breaks free and drops a slick, crisp solo that is just awesome. The whole piece is a reminder of how good these boys are and where they will go next is anyone’s guess. Next up –

Back To The End – The rhythm section comes in and drops deep bass kicks that bring cymbal snaps to let us feel the depth of these boys as they bring us a sweet cool ending to this colossal slab of rock n roll that will take a few beats to get into. The soulful gravelly vocals are just doing their thing as we let ourselves feel the emotion oozing from this track as the boys deliver a swaying rock ballad that has everything you want from 3 boys from Wales as they give us a cool ending to a real killer album that will have people wanting more from these exciting boys as they make their way through and tell their own story that is going from strength to strength. These boys can do no wrong at the minute and this gig is a testament to that –

Black Cat – Sampler fills the air as the boys come back after a little breather as the crisp guitar licks kick in the doors the thundering rhythm section comes at us with a snare drum punch as the cymbal snaps let the groove open and soar. The Shredding guitar riffs are pouring from the stage as the boys look fresh and ready this foot stomping rock n roll groover erupts with a cool beat that is getting us feeling the heat from these three young kick-ass rockers, the track has a bit of mystery to it as the lyrics tell their own story as we drift off and let the gritty riffs wash over us and let the boys do their thing as they cut loose and hit us with a slick guitar solo that has depth, attitude and tons of swagger, up next is –

The Forest –  Acoustic strumming chords get this melodic track off the ground as Tristan’s soulful vocals rise to the surface with this melodic number. Snare drum kicks are working hard as the deep bass drops sweet mellow grooves all over this fantastic number, we are getting a warm fuzzy feeling from this track as there is a cool groove to this number that will surprise some folk as the punchy tones tell their own story as the slick guitar licks erupt and let this rocking beast do it’s thing as we enter the latter stages of this blistering gig that has just been on the money as the boys don’t disappoint with a real dark, gritty night of shredding rock n roll that will send everyone home happy I’m sure as we stroll into –

Rockin Ring – Haunting strings flow freely through the opening intro and they set the tone as we move forward and let this track build and take us somewhere new. The heavy snare drum punches let the rhythm section deliver a real thundering groove that brings the sludgy guitar riffs into play as we get rocking with this epic beast. The soaring heavy vocals are just telling their own story as this crunching monster destroys everything in its path as we get down and dirty with this killer track that has us stamping our feet and punching the air as this awesome track kicks in the doors and hits us with a melting solo that is just taking us to another place with its intense tones, pounding rhythm section and deep meaty basslines that are just insane. The place is just bouncing up and down as these 3 boys just bring it and then some as we are all enjoying the awesome night of rock that has hit Glasgow like a sledgehammer, up next is –

Breadfan – The slick gritty riffs explode into the night air as this deep plundering bass bass-driven track kicks in the doors and announces that Florence Black is in the house. Snare drum punches surround us as this thundering beast breaks cover and has killer solid vocals that work perfectly with this arrangement. Bass chords are dropping power-driven funk grooves that just melt all over this insane cover, the guitar solo is full-on and is giving us riffs and shreds that are just delivering a full-on rock assault of epic proportions, a change-up comes in and the track slows a little as we just stand in awe of these young gifted musicians as they hit us with everything they have. This is a really insane cover that is just incredible, we are ready for the last three numbers as we rock into –

Bird On A Chain – The guitar licks are hitting us as this thundering beast explodes with a real gritty shredding power chorded intro. Bass drum kicks are working so well as the snare drum punches surround us and open this colossal track to let us feel the energy hurtling towards us. Bass chords are hitting us with everything they have as they drive forward with deep funk grooves that match this awesome track to perfection, solo spills out and hands us slick clean chords that are just incredible, all you see are heads nodding with approval as these boys blow the roof off this place tonight, we head straight into –

Zulu – A cool riff wanders freely into the night as the boys explode with a solid snare drum punch bringing the heat as bass kicks combine with cymbal crashes as this blistering trio kicks in the doors and lets us know that they have arrived. Bass grooves are hitting us with a plundering deep funk groove that just brings this awesome piece to life, this sizzling guitar riff is so infectious as it brings the roof down on us. Vocals have a real gravelly rasping tone that just bellows out and hits the mark as these boys build and build as this gritty powering monster bares its teeth and lets us know that the boys are in the house, the crowd go nuts as they feel the love oozing from these 3 young titans as we come to the last track of the night and a personal favourite of mine  –

Sun & Moon – A cool guitar lick wanders in as this cool rocker gets ready to hit us like a thunderbolt, smooth cool bass lines are handing us a cool funk thread as we get ready for blast off. Vocals are just on the money as they drive forward with a real gravelly tone that just wraps itself around this pounding beast, snare drum punches are coping well with bass kicks as they bring in cymbal crashes that just kick arse. We have just witnessed a real rock-driven performance from three young talented musicians who let me tell you are destined for bigger things for sure. This is a real in-your-face performance that tells us that these boys are only going to get better for sure.

Florence Black  –

                           Tristan Thomas  –  Guitar / Vocals

                           Jordan Evans  –  Bass

                           Perry Davies  –  Drums

Setlist  –

            Bed Of Nails

            Start Again

            On The Ropes

            Solid 9

            Don’t Hold Me Down

            The Deep End

            Look Up


            Warning Sign

            Back To The End

            Black Cat

            The Forest

            Rockin Ring


            Bird On A Chain


            Sun & Moon

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