Bowling For Soup Present Award Show Taylor Swift! | UK Tour Starts In Two Week

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With their 30th anniversary year kicking off with a blast, an epic UK tour firmly on the horizon, and a brand new US tour also just announced, pop punk legends Bowling For Soup have dug a long-lost fan favourite out of the vaults to be their latest single. 

Award Show Taylor Swift is a song of legend among Bowling For Soup fans. A long lost b-side which for the last several years has only existed on YouTube, BFS fans have long clamoured for the track to be released to a wider audience and easier access on streaming platforms. Today, it’s a case of ask and you shall receive! 

Arguably the biggest star on the planet, Taylor Swift joins esteemed companies such as Hollywood A-listers Brad Pitt and Val Kilmer, and WWE multi-time women’s champion Alexa Bliss in receiving a Bowling For Soup song centred around her.  

Award Show Taylor Swift can be streamed on your platform of choice on this link.

Check out the lyric video for the track on YouTube below:

Bowling For Soup’s main man Jaret Reddick explains how the song came to pass and also makes it very clear that the song is in admiration of Taylor:

“This song came to me as an idea from my long-time friend and co-writer Zac Maloy. We were in the process of recording our album Lunch, Drunk, Love at the time, which wasn’t one of our super silly/happy albums when all was said and done. Regardless, we recorded this one and had a blast doing it. We even had fans in the studio when we were recording this song and the ladies got to try out to be the “Oh My Gawd” voice, which resulted in ALL the hilarity.

I am excited to finally get this song released. It has lived on YOUTUBE for over 10 years.

Keep in mind, this song isn’t a dig AT ALL. There is something beautiful about the positivity that Taylor has on the world. And she has done a LOT for artists at a time where things couldn’t be more uncertain! Thanks Ms. Swift! 

Bowling For Soup will begin the UK celebrations of their 30th anniversary year with their huge UK tour that kicks off in just a couple of weeks! Bringing their great friends Less Than Jake and Vandoliers on the road for these dates, they will be a great celebration of the fun and longevity of Bowling For Soup.

The tour is set to be Bowling For Soup’s biggest UK tour ever, with over 30,000 tickets sold. The entire tour is sold out except Cardiff and Hull, with both of those shows only having a handful of tickets left! The full list of dates is as follows:

Bowling For Soup February 2024 UK Tour w/ Less Than Jake & Vandoliers

Final tickets for the tour are on sale from AEG and Live Nation. For full details check your ticket provider of choice or visit

For VIP tickets, please visit the VIP section in the band’s official website and click on the pages for your show of choice.

Following the February UK tour, Bowling For Soup will be making their first trip to Canada in over a decade, and holding a special long weekend celebration of their 30th anniversary in their home state of Texas. They will then return to the UK, making their first appearance on the hallowed turf of Donington Park, as Bowling For Soup returns to Download Festival in 2024 for their first Download in ten years.  

Bowling For Soup’s appearances over the years at Download have resulted in many legendary sets (and the slaying of multiple inflatable sheep). After their last planned appearance in 2020 didn’t happen (thanks to global events), Jaret, Rob, Chris and Gary are delighted to be coming back in 2024!

Bowling For Soup can also now confirm they will be appearing on the main stage of Download 2024 on Sunday. Tickets for Download are available now! 

Download isn’t the only exciting thing on the Bowling For Soup agenda for June 2024. Once they’ve played Donington, Bowling For Soup will be heading across the Irish sea for two shows in Dublin and a show in Belfast. They’ll be at The Academy in Dublin on the 18th and 19th of June, and then head across the border to The Telegraph Building in Belfast on the 20th. Tickets for all Irish shows are on sale now. 

Bowling For Soup In The UK & Ireland – June 2024

14th – 16th June – Download Festival – Donington Park (Ticket link)
18th June – Dublin – The Academy (Ticket link)
19th June – Dublin – The Academy (Ticket link)
20th June – Belfast – The Telegraph Building (Ticket link

Bowling For Soup’s 30th anniversary will give fans the chance to hear many of the bands’ classics they know and love, many of which can be found on the band’s recently released Greatest Hits album Songs People Actually Liked – Volume 2 – The Next 6 Years (2004 – 2009). 

With Bowling For Soup following the same process they started on their 2015 Volume 1 Greatest Hits, all the songs on the album have been re-recorded in their entirety, with the end result being the “BFS Versions” of the tracks.  That’s right, Bowling For Soup were doing this long before Taylor Swift. 

Songs People Actually Liked – Volume 2 (or SPALV2 for short) covers the most successful period in Bowling For Soup’s history and includes many of their biggest hits including 1985High School Never EndsAlmost, and Ohio (Come Back To Texas).Songs People Actually Liked – Volume 2 is out now on Que-So / Brando Records.

Bowling For Soup – Songs People Actually Liked – Volume 2 The Next 6 Years (2004 – 2009) Track List

1.   1985
2.   High School Never Ends
3.   Almost
4.   When We Die
5.   Ohio (Come Back To Texas)
6.   No Hablo Inglés
7.   Friends O’ Mine
8.   My Hometown
9.   My Wena
10.  BFFF
11.  I’m Gay
12.  Trucker Hat
13.  Two-Seater

Pick up a SPALV2 bundle from the BFS US online store on this link, and the BFS UK online shop on this link.  

Bowling For Soup have been releasing new videos for some of their classic hits, most recently for High School Never Ends. For the new version of their 2006 classic, BFS have dropped an animated video choc full of pop culture references. It’s a case of see how many movies you can spot while you sing along to one of the bands’ most loved songs. Check out the video for High School Never Ends (BFS Version) below:

High School Never Ends (BFS Version) is also available to stream, along wth the rest of Songs People Actually Liked – Volume 2 on Spotify now.

Bowling For Soup are:

Jaret Reddick
Guitar and vocals
Chris Burney
Rob Felicetti
Bass and backing vocals
Gary Wiseman

Find Bowling For Soup online:
Website –
Facebook –
YouTube –
Instagram –

UK merch store –

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