‘Sound & Fury’ and Even Disco: An Interview with Dust Bolt

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Dust Bolt has been one of the rising stars in metal since arriving on the scene in 2012. With four albums already under their belt, and after a necessary pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the German quartet has returned with Sound & Fury, their most dynamic and varied album yet.

Dropping on Feb. 23 via AFM Records, Sound & Fury contains all the thrash-infused hallmarks for which Dust Bolt is known, such as in the album opener, “Leave Nothing Behind.”

But one of the pleasant surprises is the left turns within the metal template. For example, they took some risks by releasing “Disco Nnection” as a single, which has an upbeat groove more in the style of Rob Zombie’s “super sexy swingin’ sounds” than a traditional thrash band – topped off with an over-the-top video and a somewhat comprehensible chorus lyric.

These sorts of risks pay off in more subtle ways throughout the album, as well, and Jace Media Contributor Justin Smulison had a chance to explore them with singer/guitarist Lenny Bruce. They also discuss the circumstances surrounding the writing and recording process and what fans can expect to hear live as they tour the club and festival circuits in Germany, France and throughout the EU.

“There’s so many good bands and great music still out there,” Bruce said. “We have to make the switch and show people that the next generation is here, and we did our homework for the last 15 years, being out on the road, eating dirt and having no money! We do this because we love it, and I think it’s time to have some younger people up there, taking things to another level. We want to build our world, and this is the start. The only thing that matters in the end is the music.”

Song clips:
Sound and Fury // Official Video HERE
Disco Nnection // Official Video HERE

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