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Brittany Bindrim is a dark electronic / pop artist from Chicago, Illinois who dropped her stunning single Obeliskon Us in the middle of last year, this was from her soon-to-be-released debut album Velella, Velella due for release on March 8th 2024. This is a new chapter for Brittany as this takes her into experimental territory as she is already known for her haunting yet powerhouse vocals in her band I: Scintilla, today Brittany releases another pop-infused electro beast upon us in the form of Fever Dreams so please join me as I wander through this thought-provoking melodic synth-laden arrangement.

Fever Dreams – From the get we feel the electro-infused groove pour from this dark groover as Brittany unleashes her powering melodic vocals that wrap themselves around this well-balanced mellow track. The sampler tones flowing effortlessly through the track just elevate the sound as we feel the soft tones take this track to another place as the pulsing groove kicks in the doors and drops epic electro synth beats that let this track build and build as we just punch the air with joy as the electrifying tone just grabs us and lets us feel the intensity oozing from this artist as she drops epic tones all through the composition.

Brittany Bindrim  –

                           Brittany Bindrim  –  Vocals / Sampler Tones

Track Listing  –

                      Fever Dreams

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