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Review By Darren McIntyre

Dirty Honey is a hard / blues rock outfit from Los Angeles, California who were formed in 2017, the band were named after Marc heard an interview with Robert Plant who was talking about his band The Honeydrippers, Marc thought this sounded like a dirty rock and roll name. The boys have been fortunate enough to open for the likes of Red Sun Rising, The Who, Skillet, Alter Bridge & Guns n Roses, the boys have given us Dirty Honey EP in 2019, Dirty Honey LP in 2021 & their blistering new album Can’t Find The Brakes in 2023. The boys kick off their latest UK Tour right here in Glasgow @ Oran Mor, please join me as I walk us through this power-packed rock n roll eruption.

I must say a heartfelt hello to a good friend of mine Mr Gary Mayes who has had a hell of a time of it with a serious illness and I must say it was a real pleasure to see him and his good lady Carole tonight as he fights his way back to fitness, get well soon buddy, as the house lights dim and the PA fades the place is nearing eruption status as the boys stroll onto the stage and hit us with the blistering –

Can’t Find The Brakes – A punchy bass kick lets this awesome track burst into life with a snare drum kick as the deep bassline drops cool, dark, melodic grooves that let this rocking beast come to life. The soulful gravelly vocals add the tone to this rasping track as the boys come right out the gates kicking and screaming this rocking arrangement brings a solid guitar solo as John takes centre stage and drops a killer lick that is surrounded by a thundering rhythm section from the new boy Jaydon Bean as he powers his way through the opening track to the delight of this sold out Glasgow crowd tonight, we rock straight into –

California Dreamin – Sweet crisp guitar riffs fill Oran Mor as the boys rip into this awesome track and give it to us big time. We are hit straight in the face with a solid thundering rhythm section that has snare drum punches that bring this incredible track to life as the bass kicks work well with cymbal crashes that really tell their own story, bass grooves are flowing effortlessly through this iconic venue as they drop sweet cool plundering tones  that just wrap themselves around this sizzling bluesy rock track that comes hurtling towards us with a slick clean guitar solo that throws out cool hooks and mesmerising harmonies that are just giving this audience what they deserve, the best blues rock that Los Angeles has to offer as it is rounded off with incredible vocals that are bellowing out with ease as this track comes to a colossal finish, we are hollering loudly as the boys take a bow and tell us that it is great being in Glasgow which draws huge applause before we move onto –

Heartbreaker –  A real groovy riff comes at us as the bass chords hit us with meaty funk grooves that let this awesome track breathe life into this Glasgow audience. The rhythm section hits us with snare drum punches that drive this show onwards as bass kicks and cymbal crashes get this track grooving, vocals are just stunning as they power through this incredible set and never falter as they deliver a cool rocking vibe that just wonderful. The crowd are invited to join in and lend their vocal talents to this fantastic track that is full of sass and swagger that we have come to expect from these rock n roll masters, we are catching our breath as we scream straight into a real gravelly new track –

Get A Little High – A real funky rasping guitar riff breaks free and lets this punchy rock n roll monster bring the sludgy rock groove to this killer new offering. The cool soulful vocals just let this awesome track run free and tell its own story as the mellow bassline drops epic funking tones all through this foot-stomping rock n’ roll juggernaut as it breaks free and drops a slick classy solo that is wrapped in pounding snare drum punches that bring cymbal crashes that are letting the cool rocking arrangement let the snarling groove wash over this full-on Glasgow audience tonight, we are buzzing to have Marc and the boys back in Glasgow as they deliver a no-nonsense rock show that ticks all the boxes, we applauded loudly as we stroll into –

Scars – We are met with a cool guitar lick that warms up the crowd as we ready ourselves for this electric onslaught that is waiting for us. The vocals are bellowing all over this place as solid snare drum punches bring the heat as cymbal crashes rain down on us to let this bluesy riffed groover do its thing. Bass grooves are handing us a sweet melodic funk that is just wrapping itself around this sleazy-driven beast as the guitar licks pour into the room with a cool rasping lick that has energy oozing from every chord as it allows this track to hit us with every fibre of it’s being as we get a snare drum roll that is driving this fantastic rhythm section from the back of the room, this is a real crowd pleaser for sure as we feel the energy ripping from these boys, we move onto –

Dirty Mind – A dirty riffed groove erupts with a sludgy punch as this pounding monster brings the heat as the boys drop another new track upon this unsuspecting Glasgow crowd. The deep bassline wraps itself around this dark rocking arrangement that is a real breath of fresh air as this solid driven track kicks us straight in the face with real intensity as the boys ramp up the heat as this killer track comes armed with a crisp, clean solo that has John up and down the fretboard as he offloads with precision and gets us all hot and bothered with this dark rocking beast that is just elevated upwards with the awesome riffs that are coming at us, next up is –

Tied Up – Cymbal crashes come at us as we feel the energy rise with this dark-filled piece that has sass and swagger dripping from this rocking monster. Rocking guitar riffs are wandering through the intro and dropping rasping licks that are just incredible as we go forward and feel this cool rocking vibe rip through Oran Mor tonight. Grooving bass lines are handing us sweet clean funk grooves that are helping this fantastic track do its thing, Marc gets help from the audience as he asks them to sing Tied Up through the section and boy do they bring it. We are getting our money’s worth tonight as the boys bring all they have in their lockers tonight for sure, we catch our breath as we flow into the killer track –

Coming Home( Ballad Of The Shire) – Acoustic strumming chords are pouring from the stage as the sweet melodic chords instantly put us at ease. Marc tells us about the story of this track and we really feel the emotion oozing from the boys tonight, the melodies are just incredible as Marc comes in with his killer vocals that just take this track in another direction. The song has depth, attitude and bags of tone as the crowd falls silent and watches and listens with intensity as this awesome track wraps itself around all of us and lets us know that all is going to be ok, a friend told me tonight that for him this was “the song of the night” for him, you guys can be the judge of that as we stroll into –

Honky Tonk Woman(The Rolling Stones Cover) – We get a funky bass kick that is welcomed by furious guitar strumming as the place claps along to this epic track. Marc brings his soulful groovy vocals that let this iconic number open up and really get us grooving, the arrangement is a cool slowed funked-up rendition that is just getting Oran Mor warmed up as the crowd gets behind the boys as they drop a well-versed track on it’s head and let us feel the funk element as we move onto –

Don’t Put Out The Fire – Marc tells us about the story of this track as we listen to his vocals as this blues riffed rock n roll arrangement comes hurtling towards us. This is a really funky beast that has a deep delicious groove that just gets us stamping our feet to this dark rocking beat, the full-on bassline is handing us deep funk tones that are wrapped in a solid snare drum beat that bring cymbal crashes that let this incredible track tell it’s own story as we get all funky and deep as the slick clean guitar licks drive this juggernaut onwards as we are getting into this phenomenal new track as the snare drum punches fill the room as we let ourselves be taken to another place as the gritty rasping licks rain down on us as we roll into –

Satisfied – There is a real gritty rocking feel to this bad boy as John lets rip with crisp riffs that flow freely through this killer track as the pounding snare drum punches let this epic track tell its own story. The energy oozing from the boys is something special tonight as they make a welcome return to the city that loves these boys and what they bring to the party, the cool soaring vocals are just on the money as we stroll into another cover track in the form of –

Let’s Go Crazy(Prince Cover) – The intro is a real sleazy affair as the dark riffs pour from the stage as this classic track is given a new twist. The soaring dark vocals are tearing through this track as the place warms to this killer mash-up that is just incredible as the boys put their stamp on it. The rhythm section drops dark full-on pounding snare drum beats that are backed by killer bass drum beats as the boys unwind and just let rip with a colossal solo that is just oozing class as the boys put their stamp on this awesome track, we catch our breathe and roll into –

The Wire – – We kick off with a real sleazy dirty riff that has depth and direction as this pounding rocker track comes to life. Vocals are like an air raid siren as they fill this iconic venue from front to back with tones that are just thrilling this over-excited sold-out Glasgow audience. Bass grooves are hitting us with cool deep full on fills  that wrap themselves around this sizzling beast of a track, guitar licks are pouring into this epic track as they bring crisp clean licks that are just incredible as they drive this killer track and deliver a solid rasping groove that is equally matched by all all the musicians as they take this track to the next level for sure, we are just in awe of these boys in their third trip on British soil as  we walk into –

Another Last Time – We begin with a cool guitar lick that gets the juices flowing as this cool rocking track comes to life and brings a soulful groove that is just incredible. Snare drum punches drive the rhythm section forward with solid snare drum punches that are followed by deep bass kicks that are rounded by cymbal crashes that just let the groove flow. Bass chords are dark and deep as they bring plundering grooves that are just awesome and drive this rocking blues track onwards. The vocals are just incredible and it will be one of those I was there moments for sure, we feel the guitar solo driving forward with solid slick crisp chords that are just incredible as we near the end of this incredible power driven energy zapping first sold headline show from this incredible outfit, we are treated to some fine playing tonight as the boys hit us with –

When I’m Gone – Vocals bellow out as this riffed beast brings a slick groove that keeps us stamping our feet to this classy track. The whole arrangement is a really cool getup that brings cool dark bass lines that drop funk-laden chords that are just awesome as we flow effortlessly through this rocking track. Guitar riffs wander freely through the midsection as they give us clean licks that are just jaw-dropping classy licks that are just wrapping themselves around this gritty riffed beast. The rhythm section is coming at us and bringing solid snare drum punches that are held together with bass kicks and killer cymbal crashes that are just the glue of this incredible band for sure, as we reach the last song in the setlist the crowd are reaching 10 on the decibel level as we don’t want this night to end but the boys bring us –

Won’t Take Me Alive – Cymbal snaps with deep bass kicks to get this funking beast off the ground as the boys kick in and let the groove do its thing. The gravelly rasping vocals are just doing their thing as this rocking bruiser ticks all the boxes with a real gritty pounding beat that just works, this is a sterling way to finish off this phenomenal sold-out first night of their UK Tour, the depth, attitude, swagger are plain to see as this foot-stomping rock and roll bruiser come for us with epic proportions as we fist pump and just don’t want this killer night to end before we stroll into –

You Make It Alright – A cool guitar lick oozes from the stage as the boys bring down the curtain on this epic night of rock n roll that was just awesome. The dark full on bassline is handing us sweet delicious tones that let this rocking ballad tell its own story, we are swaying from side to side as this incredible track flows off down the road as we prepare ourselves for the slick ones that are coming in the form of a solid snare drum beat that is working well with these insane vocals that take us onto the last but one track as we get –

Drum / Guitar / Bass Solos – The drum solo is just incredible as we get a full on killer vibe that has depth, attitude and passion as Jaydon drives forward with a pounding groove that has solid snare drum punches that are surrounded with bass kicks and cymbal crashes that are filling this fantastic venue with funking grooves that are full of energy and drive as we applaude him with loud applause before Justin comes in with face melting funk grooves that are just dropping cool funk beats that are exciting this crowd as he wanders all over the stage dropping meaty funk grooves that are just awesome and really showcase this left handed wizard and what he brings to the Dirty Honey sound machine all this before John comes at us with a face melting riffs as the crowd join in and let us know they are still here as he rattles through licks that have real sleazy grooves and crisp tones that are leaving this crowd open mouthed as we feel the energy rising to 10 as the solo springs eternal with clever riffs and dirty licks that are befitting for tonight’s show for sure, we are treated to another couple of tunes in the form of –

Rolling 7’s – The crowd begin with clapping loudly as a cool slick guitar riff wanders in and brings this fantastic track to life as Marc tells us that Glasgow will forever be in their hearts and they will be back. The track bursts into life with a real dirty gritty riff with solid snare drum punches for company as cymbal crashes rain down on us and let this track break the mould. Vocals are just incredible as they belt out killer vibes that have a gravelly rasping tone that brings this audience to full volume as guitar licks pour onto the stage and let John do his thing as he hits us with slick clean licks that are full of swagger and attitude that justifies what this band are all about as we end the show with a bellowing Glasgow crowd singing their hearts out on this memorable night.

Dirty Honey  –

                      Marc LaBelle  –  Lead Vocals

                     John Netto  –  Guitar

                     Justin Smolian  –  Bass

                     Jaydon Bean  –  Drums

Setlist  –

            Can’t Find The Brakes

            California Dreamin


            Get A Little High


            Dirty Mind

            Tied Up

            Coming Home(Ballad Of The Shire)

            Honky Tonk Woman(Rolling Stones Cover)

            Don’t Put Out The Fire


            Let’s Go Crazy(Prince Cover)

            The Wire

            Another Last Time

            When I’m Gone

            Won’t Take Me Alive

            You Make It Alright

            Drum / Guitar / Bass Solos

            Rolling 7’s

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