Goat Major ‘Ritual’

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Goat Major – ‘Ritual’ Album Review

Band: Goat Major

Genre: Stoner/Doom

Label: Ripple Music

Review By Smudge

Hailing from Haverfordwest, Wales, Goat Major emerges as a formidable power stoner/doom trio. Drawing inspiration from the rich musical heritage of Wales, including acts like Budgie, Florence Black, and Sigirya, Goat Major delivers a heavy sound that captivates from the first riff.

The opening track, ‘Snakes (Goddess Of The Serpent)’, sets the tone with its simple yet effective riff, complemented by Tom Shortt’s reverb-drenched vocals riding over Simon Bonwick’s swinging beat. ‘Ritual’ maintains this momentum, driven by insistent grooves, while ‘Turn To Dust’ introduces a slower grind reminiscent of early Sabbath.

‘Light Of The End’ and ‘Power That Be’ showcase the band’s affinity for colossal basslines, with the former leading into the eight-minute epic ‘Mountains Of Madness’. Here, the band explores a squally start before settling into a monumental, slow-paced groove that envelops the listener in its weighty embrace.

Despite its simplicity, ‘Evil Eye’ keeps the groove alive, while ‘Lay Me Down’ offers a soothing, acoustic finale reminiscent of Floydian atmospheres. Throughout ‘Ritual’, Goat Major displays a remarkable ability to create captivating, immersive soundscapes that transport the listener.

While Tom Shortt’s vocals may initially be an acquired taste, they ultimately complement the band’s sonic palette, adding depth to the overall experience. As a trio, Goat Major utilizes their space effectively, allowing the music to breathe and evolve naturally.

In conclusion, Goat Major’s debut album ‘Ritual’ is a testament to their prowess as musicians and songwriters. With its big, simple riffs and infectious grooves, the album is a welcome addition to the Ripple Music roster and further establishes Goat Major as a band to watch within the UK stoner/doom scene.

Rating: 7/10

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