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Hailing from Kent, England, Collateral is a formidable 4-piece rock band that caught our attention back in 2018 with their debut EP, “4Shots.” Since then, these boys have been on an upward trajectory, clinching prestigious accolades like the Camden Rocks Festival and the Ramblin Man Rising Stage. Notably, they beat out 200,000 contenders to secure an opening slot for Bon Jovi, alongside numerous support gigs, paving their path toward global recognition. Their self-titled debut album in 2020 further propelled them into the limelight, earning them supporting gigs with renowned acts such as Jared James Nichols, Phil X & The Drills, H.E.A.T., and Skid Row. Now, on May 24th, they’re set to release their sophomore album, “Should’ve Known Better,” from which the lead single, “Glass Sky,” is the subject of today’s review.

“Glass Sky” kicks off with a deep, punchy bass line, setting the stage for a solid snare drum beat that allows this haunting rocker ballad to unfold. Soulful, melodic vocals seamlessly blend into the production, accompanied by classy guitar riffs that burst through the doors, infusing the arrangement with a distinctive flair. A cool, funk-laden bassline adds depth, dropping heavy, cool tones that effortlessly course through this foot-stomping track. Collateral skillfully crafts a melodic rock piece with all the grandeur of a stadium anthem. There’s a haunting allure to the composition, a touch of mystery that runs through this captivating number. The band has truly refined their sound, imbuing this track with depth, swagger, and heaps of attitude, allowing the lyrics to propel the piece forward.


  • Angelo Tristan: Lead Vocals / Guitar
  • Louis Malagodi: Guitar
  • Jack Bentley-Smith: Bass
  • Ben Atkinson: Drums

Track Listing:

  • “Glass Sky”

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