Electro Charged – ‘Reign Of Deception’

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Thrash Metal

Independent Release

Release Date – February 16th 2024

Review By Smudge

Electro Charged hails from Livadia, Greece the home of main man singer/guitarist Michael Sagiannis who had a vision to create metal from the 80’s and 90s with a modern edge. He decided to troll on down to Athens and talk to the legendary Bob Katsionis – lo and behold Bob liked what he heard so much that he decided to join in by handling lead guitar and some keyboards.

The love of 80’s and 90’s metal is purely evident in opener ‘Servants And Kings’ which has all the best bits from any of the Bay Area especially Metallica (when they were good!). ‘Release The Hounds’ reminds more of Metal Church as it merrily chugs away. Bass player Chris Dempegiotis gets in on the act with a fine line on ‘Innocence’s Dead’ before the eastern-flavoured acoustic introduction of ‘Circle Of Life’ develops into another chug fest then ‘Into The Pits Of Hell’ ups the tempo.

Lord Of Sickness’ grooves away on a fine vocal melody and has a clever breakdown then ‘Tears Of A Cloud’ starts with rainfall, some melancholic acoustics and subtle strings. Sagiannis does his best David Dramain – all deep baritone and angsty on an impressive metal ballad. The final track is the instrumental ‘Lethe And Mnemosyne’ which builds off a tight guitar line into an epic-sounding groove that rises and falls seamlessly on various movements.

Hmmm? On the one hand, this is good, BUT, at times it sounds too familiar so the Metallica hero-worship might have gone a bit too far. However, the songs are well-written, and the production is excellent. I’m going to sit on the fence on this one.

Track List –

1 – Servants And Kings

2 – Release The Hounds

3 – Innocence’s Dead

4 – Circle Of Life

5 – Into The Pitts Of Hell

6 – Lord Of Sickness

7 – Tears Of A Cloud

8 – Lethe And Mnemosyne

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