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Review By Darren McIntyre

From Ases To New are a Nu / Rap / Alt / Metal band from Lancaster , Pennsylvania originally formed in 2013. The boys have given us 3 studio albums, Day One in 2016, The Future in 2018 & Panic in 2020, 5 EPs’s and 23 singles in a short but power-packed career. The band brought us the blistering single Nightmare and followed it up with Monster In Me from their new 4th album Blackout due to drop in the summer, fast forward to 2024 and the boys bring us their haunting new single Barely Breathing Ft Chrissy Costanza from Against The Current, please sit back as I walk us through this mesmerising new track.

Barely Breathing – The track begins with synth tones and sampler grooves that welcome smooth melodic vocals that let the track open and erupt into life. We get a pounding rhythm section that gives us cool punchy double bass kicks that hand snare drum punches to us as the funk element weaves its way through this sludgy rocking beat. The haunting strong melodic guest vocals of Chrissy Costanza ripple through the track and bind well with Danny as they wrap themselves around this foot-stomping power driven rock track that just takes your breathe away with its intense tones, haunting lyrics and thundering beats that have us reaching for the repeat button as the smooth tones grab our attention.

From Ashes To New  –
                                   Danny Cane  –  Clean / Unclean Vocals
                                   Matty Brandyberry  –  Rap Vocals / Keys / Synth / Guitar
                                   Lance Dowdle  –  Lead Guitar
                                   Mat Madiro  –  Drums
                                   Chrissy Costanza  –  Guest Vocals

Track Listing  –
                      Barely Breathing

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