Rockmantic Weekender – A Sold Out 2 Day Rock Extravaganza  

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The Brickyard, Carlisle 

9th & 10th February  

Review and photographs by Linda McDermott  

Saturday – part two 

I’m not sure how yesterday can be equalled (see separate review) but the bill for today is as outstanding as Friday. So, after a late breakfast before meeting up with friends to dissect a brilliant Friday night and speculate on things to come, I head to The Brickyard for day two of the festival.   


Royal Bloom 

Big Iron 



Slyder Smith & the Oblivion Kids 

Shadow Smile 

South of Salem 

Royal Bloom 

You can’t beat a nice bit of heavy grunge on a Saturday afternoon and Royal Bloom has it in abundance. I’ve likened the band to Nirvana before and if you close your eyes that’s exactly who you hear, which is great as far as I’m concerned as everyone needs some grunge in their life! With a growing crowd from the start, Lewis, Aaron and Kyle got a great reception for their set, with all the tracks featured on their debut album ‘Visceral’. 

Set List 



Allows Me to Be 


I Don’t Mind 


Dear God 

In The End 


Flakes of Snow 

Big Iron 

Taking to the stage you might be a little unsure of what to expect when you first see what Ollie is wearing! However, they soon put any misconceptions to bed as they blast out a great heavy rock set. ‘River Runs Dry’, is one of my favourite songs along with ‘The Mask’.  I love the massive guitar riffs that bring their powerful songs together, and that along with the boundless energy means they are a band I’ll be looking out for this year.  The band declare that they’re ‘idiots’ because they’ve not got enough songs to fill the set before they launch into a cover of ‘Gay Bar’ to cheers from the audience. 

Jack told me “We couldn’t have asked for a better debut south of the border. We absolutely loved playing at Rockmantic, and the people in Carlisle gave us such a warm welcome, we’ll definitely be back soon!” 

Set List 


Miles Away 

River Runs Dry 

The Mask 

Tiny Little Pieces 

Gay Bar 


The Mask 


There’s a bit of a buzz (pun intended) around the room as the audience waits for Moskito to take to the stage. This band never fail to impress me, with their unique sound and imposing stage presence, all wrapped up in swagger and attitude they are most definitely ones to catch live. Each song brings something different, whether it’s lyrically or musically, you can’t quite seem to put your finger on their style, making them very intriguing. You could just tell the band was lapping up the atmosphere as it added to their energetic and charged performance. 

Moskito are spellbinding and swept me along with them until their set was over, I just wished I could press the replay button. 

Joe told me “The audience absolutely blew us away! What a show, we will definitely be coming back to Carlisle”. Check them out on all the usual platforms, especially the incredible G.R.I.M. EP. 

Set List 



Gone With the Girl Next Door 

Miss Me 



Killing Joke 

Thrill Seeker 

Thriller Seeker 


Time for the fourth band and I’m feeling ever so slightly exhausted at the onslaught of such great music but there is no let up as LaVire takes to the stage.  I love this band and the way Chloe uses the whole stage when she belts out a mix of melodies and roars.

Today we are treated to a set of tracks that are all formidable and punchy showcasing what LaVire are all about.  My favourite song is ‘Fall from Grace’ which is brilliant as it shows off Chloe’s exceptional vocal range as well as the guy’s impressive musical abilities. This four-piece band from Lincoln are gathering pace as they gig up and down the country and if you’ve not heard them before, they have two EP’s worthy of a download. 

Set List 

Freak Show 

The Wall 

A Way 2 LA 

Save Yourself 

Fair Weather Friend 

North Star 

Fall From Grace 

La Femme 


Fall from Grace 

Slyder Smith and the Oblivion Kids 

Slyder lost his voice the night before playing at The Brickyard, but I’m glad to say he has recovered enough to play tonight. This three-piece band have a great album called ‘Charm Offensive’ which is filled with a fantastic variety of great rock tunes.

Playing most of the album tonight the band have piqued the interest of the crowd, and the feet are tapping away as they present each song.  Halfway through the set Slyder announces that he wants the audience to join in by clapping along as the band plays a slowed-down version of ‘Never Ending Story’. He doesn’t have to ask twice as there are people swaying their arms and lots of loud whoa oh, oh’s heading to the stage, including from the photographer’s pit! 

Set List 

Pleasure Victim 

Calico Queen 

Road Love 


I’m Done 

Crash Landing in Teenage Heaven 

Never Ending Story 


When The Rain Comes 

Malibu Beach 

Oblivion Kids 


Pleasure Victim 

Shadow Smile 

Sheffield’s finest come onto the stage with a determination to showcase what they are all about. With the immense ‘Signed in Blood’ heavy rock album and eight singles under their belts, they bring their brand of metal/hard rock music to the table. 

Connor, Adam, Ethan and Joe looked like they were having the time of their lives, and you could see them grow in confidence as they went through their set. There was a lot of head-banging going on behind me as people got sucked into their imposing music. Connor told me “We had an absolute blast with the Carlisle crowd. The atmosphere was electric, and everyone brought the energy. It felt like a very special moment for Shadow Smile”.  

Set List 

Take What You Can 

Hellbound Heart 

Signed in Blood 

Our Mortality  



Devil Makes Work 

Suck the World Dry 


Hell Bound Heart 

South of Salem 

Taking to the stage with coffins in tow, South of Salem get all set up as people move to get a better view. They launch into their set with precision and clarity, with an array of singalong tunes and the place is jumping to a mix of songs from both albums.

Halfway through the set, there are some technical issues but undeterred the show goes on. Joey, Kodi, Dee, James and Denis give it a hundred per cent each time I see them play and tonight is no exception, and the crowd are lapping it up.  

With vultures, demons, hell, plagues and everything in between it’s time for ‘Death of the Party’ the title track from their second album with Lolly and Georgia cheerleading beautifully in front of the coffins as the beat drives the song.

I’m still waiting for my favourite song to be played as the band leaves the stage, this has me shouting for more along with everyone else until they return to play ‘Jet Black Eyes’, I love this song.  The night finishes with ‘Cold Day in Hell’, and the band reluctantly leaving the stage, but the place is buzzing from what has been the most amazing weekend in The Brickyard.  

Set List 

Let Us Pray 

The Hate In Me 

Stitch The Wound 

Made To Be Mine 

No Plague Like Home 



Hellbound Heart 

Demons Are Forever 

Rebel Yell 

Death of The Party 

Pretty Little Nightmare 

Left for Dead 

Jet Black Eyes 

Cold Day in Hell 


Jet Black Eyes 

Rockmantic Weekender has been a phenomenal rock festival, I’m so pleased that it sold out and everyone brought the atmosphere to such a great event.  I’m already looking forward to next years event. Tickets are bought! 

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