The Concrete Jangle Chronicles: Steve Conte’s Cosmic Collaboration with Andy Partridge

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In anticipation of Record Store Day on April 20, the legendary New York guitarist and singer-songwriter Steve Conte, known for his work with the iconic New York Dolls and Michael Monroe, unveils his latest musical odyssey with the album The Concrete Jangle. Featuring ten tracks of pure sonic adventure, including five co-written gems with none other than XTC’s mastermind Andy Partridge, this album promises to be a treasure trove for music aficionados everywhere.


Conte’s latest single, “Shoot Out The Stars,” serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the cosmic synergy between two songwriting titans. With Partridge’s enigmatic touch and Conte’s unmistakable flair, the track unfolds like a psychedelic journey through the streets of Hollywood, where bored teens seek thrills amidst a backdrop of nihilistic fervour. From the opening guitar chords to the haunting melody of the chorus, “Shoot Out The Stars” encapsulates the essence of rock ‘n roll rebellion with a modern twist.

With its infectious melodies, mind-bending arrangements, and cosmic lyricism, The Concrete Jangle is sure to captivate listeners and transport them to a world where anything is possible. Whether you’re a fan of power pop, psychedelic rock, or just good old-fashioned storytelling, this album has something for everyone.


In a musical landscape dominated by imitation and repetition, Steve Conte and Andy Partridge stand as beacons of creativity and innovation. With The Concrete Jangle, they invite listeners on a journey through the cosmos, where every note is a revelation and every chord a doorway to new worlds. Don’t miss out on this cosmic collaboration – mark your calendars for Record Store Day and experience the magic for yourself.

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