“Starkiller” by Defryme

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release Date: March 4, 2024

Defryme, the Australian alternative rock pioneers, are back with a nostalgic yet refreshing treat for their fans in the form of the ‘Starkiller’ EP. Set for release on March 4 via Golden Robot Records, this EP offers alternative versions of tracks from their iconic 1994 album, ‘Purekiller,’ performed by the original lineup from that era.

The significance of ‘Starkiller’ lies not only in its reimagined renditions of Defryme classics but also in its celebration of the band’s vibrant live energy during a pivotal period in their career. Recorded and produced initially in 1993 at Hothouse Audio by Paul “Woody” Annison, these tracks have now undergone a transformative journey, courtesy of Quinn Gardener-Kane at Studio F*ck Puppet in 2024. This fusion of past and present production expertise promises a unique sonic experience that pays homage to Defryme’s legacy while embracing contemporary sensibilities.

What makes ‘Starkiller’ even more poignant is its release date, precisely three decades after the groundbreaking success of ‘Purekiller,’ which soared to #4 on the Australian ARIA charts in June 1994. This timing not only commemorates Defryme’s enduring impact on the music landscape but also underscores their commitment to evolution and innovation over the years.

Listeners can expect to embark on a sonic journey that seamlessly bridges the past and present, as Defryme invites us to rediscover their timeless classics in a fresh, exhilarating light. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to their sound, ‘Starkiller’ promises to captivate with its blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair.

In essence, ‘Starkiller’ stands as a testament to Defryme’s enduring influence and creative prowess, offering a glimpse into their musical evolution while honouring the spirit of their iconic ‘Purekiller’ era. So mark your calendars for March 4, as Defryme invites you to join them on this transcendent musical journey.

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