Bex Marshall’s “Fortuna”: A Blues Tapestry Woven with Grit and Grace

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Bex Marshall’s long-awaited studio album, “Fortuna,” is a testament to her unparalleled talent as a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. With ten tracks that traverse the vast landscape of blues, funk, rock, and Americana, Marshall delivers a sonic experience that is both raw and refined, gritty yet graceful.

The album kicks off with the anthemic “Preaching to the Choir,” a no-nonsense guitar-driven track that sets the pace for the journey ahead. Marshall’s drawling vocals cut through the driving funk groove, accompanied by lofty gospel harmonies from Shola Adegoroye. It’s a politically charged anthem that demands attention and introspection.

“Dirty Water,” a cover originally penned by Buddy and Julie Miller, receives a gritty reinterpretation from Marshall. The track begins with an acapella vocal before building into a tribal hambone, culminating in a crescendo of pain and promise. Marshall’s impassioned delivery breathes new life into this classic song, infusing it with raw emotion and undeniable energy.

“I Can’t Look You In The Eye” showcases Marshall’s prowess on slide guitar, accompanied by Scott Coopwood’s soulful solo on a custom Les Paul. This four-to-the-floor blues number explores themes of lust and temptation, while Barry Barnes’ driving rhythm section lays the foundation for Marshall’s electrifying performance.

The standout track, “5 AM,” captivates with its melancholic atmosphere and haunting guitar melodies. Toby Baker’s Rhodes playing adds depth to Marshall’s introspective lyrics, as she navigates the aftermath of a late-night confrontation. The song’s dramatic crescendo mirrors the emotional turmoil of the early hours, culminating in a poignant reflection on regret and resignation.

“Jungle” brings a playful energy to the album, with slide guitar reminiscent of a kid skidding across a polished floor. Marshall’s humorous lyrics paint a vivid picture of a world where everyone is an animal or insect, inviting listeners to join in the toe-tapping fun of this rockabilly-inspired romp.

“Fortuna,” the title track of the album, explodes with energy from the outset, setting the stage for a sonic adventure. Richie Stevens’ driving drums and Red Bass’ sensational bass harmonies propel the track forward, while Marshall’s resonator guitar dominates with its heavy funk groove. It’s a high-octane thrill ride that captures the essence of Marshall’s musical vision.

As the album draws to a close, “When It’s Gone” offers a reflective moment of introspection. BJ Cole’s guest Dobro playing adds a haunting quality to Marshall’s acoustic guitar, as she delivers a poignant reminder of life’s transient nature. It’s a bittersweet conclusion to an album that balances raw emotion with unbridled energy.

Overall, “Fortuna” is a tour de force from Bex Marshall, showcasing her growth as a musician and a storyteller. With its addictive hooks, soulful vocals, and blistering guitar solos, the album is a testament to Marshall’s enduring talent and tenacity. It’s a must-listen for anyone craving authentic blues-rock with a modern twist.

Fortuna – Track Listing

1. Preaching to the Choir (3.40)

2. Dirty Water (5.26)

3. I Can’t Look You In The Eye (3.21)

4. 5am (4.26)

5.Jungle (3.25)

6.Table for One (4.53)

7.Fortuna (3.08)

8.Lay Down and Die (3.53)

9. Scrapyard Dog (4.45)

10. When Its Gone (4.00)

Production Credits

Bex Marshall – Lead and Backing Vocals, Rhythm, Acoustic, Slide and Lead guitar

Toby Baker – Keyboards, Hammond, Rhodes, Wurlitzer

Bass Guitar – Robert Eugene Daniels (Tracks – I Can’t Look You In The Eye, Table for One, Fortuna,

When Its Gone, and Aurora Mannola

Drums – Richie Stevens

Dobro – BJ Cole

Shola Adegoroye – Gospel BVs

Danny Bryan – Congas, Darbuka, Percussion

Produced and arranged by Bex Marshall and Nick Hunt

Engineered – Nick Hunt

Mastering Engineer – Nick Hunt

Second recording engineer – Mike Haslam

Photography and Album artwork – Barry Warren

Recorded and Engineered at House Of Mercy Studios London

Catering Johnathon Lolley

Scott Coopwood – Guitarist – I Can’t Look You In The Eye

Barry Bays – Rhythm Guitar – I Can’t Look You In The Eye

Mike Capperelli – Engineer – I Can’t Look You In The Eye

Photography and album artwork – Barry Warren

Video production – Andrew Radford and Ben Radford

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