A Night of Pure Soup Bowling For Soup on the menu at the Connexin Hull.

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Ninety’s punk pop band Bowling For Soup appeared at Hull Connexin for the YOU ASKED FOR IT TOUR  With support from the Vandoliers and Less Than Jake who were also big in the 90s with their punk pop Ska.

The show opened with the Vandoliers with their high-energy country punk from Texas the Vandoliers are a unique band with their version of country punk, giving a unique vibe of their own. They have a high-energy stage presence, this six-piece band can also turn it down a notch and they’re quite happy to do a ballad. These rollickin country punks gave a rowdy start creating an atmosphere ready for the rest of the show with Less Than Jake and Bowling For Soup.

Next up was Florida Ska punk band Less Than Jake, a top band from the 1990s, with 9 studio albums and 17 singles, Less Than Jake brought their American ska to Britain for this tour with Bowling For Soup, again, another high-energy band who have a big following in the UK, doing a total of 14 songs on their set, songs which included All My Friends Are Metalheads. History Of a Boring Town and The Rest Of My Life, among others.

Less Than Jake has the unique sound of ska giving an infectious connection with the crowd giving them an amazing build-up for the main act. Leaving smiles on the faces of those 90s Ska punk rockers who bought the records of these 90s legends.

The countdown was now on for those  90’s punk.pop legends.Bowling For Soup. The band consists of Jaret Reddick (lead singer) Chris Burney (Guitar and backing vocals) Gary Wiseman (Drums) and Rob Felicetti (Bass guitar and backing vocals). Coming on stage to their very own theme song, then the band did not waste any time opening with the fan’s favourite Emily before going on to other songs such as Out Of The Window, Ohio  (Come Back To Texas ), The Last Rockshow, Punk Rock 101 and 1985. Between the songs, there was plenty of humour with the band taking a little musically enhanced break with the backdrop of Rick Astley’s soundtrack Never Gonna Give You Up for the crowd to take photos of them on the stage in front of the big screen, all tongue in cheek with good humour. 

The band also gave a rendition of I Would Walk 500 Miles from The Proclaimers with the crowd enjoying every single word and singing along as though they were part of the band giving the 3500-capacity venue an amazing night to remember.

After the song Almost, the band ran a competition to win a signed guitar which the winner would be announced during the gig, the young girl could not believe her luck when she was announced the winner and brought up on the stage to receive this once-in-a-lifetime prize. There were also more lucky winners in the crowd that night.1 being lad in the crowd had a sign saying – can I play the guitar with you and was lucky enough to come on stage and play the guitar while another member of the crowd was also brought up on stage to sing along at the same time, this will be an unforgettable night for them both. 

The dynamic band then went into two of the fan’s favourite songs. The Bitch Song and Girl All The Bad Guys Want.

The band didn’t leave the stage for an encore, rather, they sat in the middle of the stage passing around a bottle of whiskey. Before getting up and carrying on with the unforgettable song 1985. 

This was a concert that gave plenty of nostalgia, humour, fireworks and ticker tape for an unforgettable night sending you right back to the 1990s. I am sure it is one that many people will never forget. 



My Wena

Out The Window

Ohio (Come Back To Texas)

Life AfterLisa

The Last Rock Show 


Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day 

Theme to Phineas 0 Ferb

High School Never Ends



The Bitch Song 

Girl All The Bad Guys Want 


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