Crawlers – Live – Glasgow Barrowland

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Review By Darren McIntyre

Crawlers is a 4 piece power power-packed indie-infused band from Liverpool, England who initially came to our attention in 2018, the girls all met at the Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts and later they enlisted the talents of Harry on the skins. The band have given us EP’s Crawlers in 2021, Loud Without Noise in 2022 & their scintillating debut LP The Mess We Seem To Make in 2024, tonight the band tick off a bucket list moment as they grace the stage of the world-famous Barrowland Ballroom and deliver us a killer 9 song set that would whet our appetites for this rocking 4 piece from Liverpool. The lights dim and the noise level rises as the band explodes onto the famous stage and ploughs straight into the blistering beast that is –

I Don’t Want It – The track explodes with a pounding bass kick that is joined with a shredding power-drenched guitar riff that brings the crowd to life as this exciting 4 piece light up Glasgow tonight. Holly is bouncing around the stage and getting the crowd whipped into a frenzy as this growling beast flows into the venue and lets us pay attention to this exciting band. The cool bassline is dropping sweet meaty funk grooves all through the arrangement as the crowd goes nuts for this exciting outfit that has just brought this place to life and given us a real shock to the system as they deliver a no-nonsense groove-laden piece that just lets us know that these guys are ones to watch, we stroll straight into the rousing –
Hit It Again – A cool bass/guitar/bass kick combo oozes from the stage as the melodic vocals reach us as this awesome thundering monster kicks in the doors and brings it.

The rhythm section comes in with pounding snare drum punches that come armed with cool cymbal crashes that give this track a real dark groove, the whole arrangement is a stop-start rock n roll train that hits us with slick rousing guitar riffs that are letting the track open and flow. The killer vocals are reaching the crowd and as you look around all you see is the crowd singing back this just puts a huge smile on your face as the band is beaming from ear to ear as the place is reaching boiling point already, we pause for a second as Holly strolls around the stage like a caged animal and is telling us that this is a bucket list moment for them as they have heard so many stories, she pauses and said have I told you my Dad is from Glasgow and this brings a huge cheer from this sold-out crowd as we roll into 

Kiss Me – The tempo is a real grungy low-key intro as the dark soulful vocals flow through the intro as the rhythm section comes at us with real groove. The bassline is dropping deep funk grooves that work so well with the cool guitar licks that are coming from the band tonight, the tone is a real cool beat that is just showcasing the incredible vocals that are erupting from the stage tonight. The band are really enjoying themselves as they are laughing and smiling and I would say that it is because they are entertaining us at the famous Barras and that is just telling from us as we feel the groove oozing from this excited 4 piece from Liverpool, we drop into

Fuck Me(I Didn’t Know How To Say) – The punchy snare drum beats combine with a cool bass kick that is rolling with a deep funky bassline that is letting this awesome track come to life. The sweet dark vocals fill this iconic hall as the band takes hold of us and let us have it both barrels as they gel and take us on this thought-provoking journey with them. The funky groove-laden melodic beast is wrapping itself around us and really drawing us in with its gritty infectious tone that just lets the band express themselves as this foot-stomping power-ravaged track just changes tempo and let the tone wash over us as we move onto –
Messiah – We kick off with a sweet cool guitar pick that is drenched in a deep punchy bass kick that lets the snare drum beat take this track upwards. The cool funky bassline is wrapping itself around this dark-driven rocker track that is just pulling us in as it takes us on the journey with the band, we have killer vocals that are just building and building as this sell-out crowd asks for more as this sizzling 4 piece drop the hammer and drive on with a cool beat that just allows the place to feel this exciting unit deliver we thought out diet that is littered with rocking tunes, ballads and down right dirt =y grooves that really make this outfit ones to watch, we get into this outfit as they thank us for coming out and watching them deliver a gritty rock n roll set as we move onto

Kill Me To Be Kind – Bass kicks again take this track onwards as the sweet clean guitar licks build and let this dark melodic rocker tell its own story. The track comes to life with a salvo of grooves that are wrapped in the sizzling vocals that fill every corner of this iconic building as we feel the energy pouring from the stage. The track is a real foot-stomping beat that gives us goosebumps as the place is brimming with groove as the rhythm section opens up from the back of the room with pounding beats that are littered with cymbal crashes that give this killer track a cool edgy feel, the place is just bursting with noise as the band prowl around the stage and look at the smiling faces staring back at them as we roll into –
Better If I Just Pretend – A full-on bassline drops deep funking tones that work well with the rhythm section as it brings snare drum punches and cool cymbal crashes that let this track erupt. The cool backing vocals are letting the groove work well as the slick clean guitar licks pour from the stage and let the band give us a real crunching guitar-driven track that brings delicious tones that let this crowd jump, holler and scream at the top of their voices as we let this killer 4 pieces do their thing and give us a no-nonsense set that will have us talking about it for a while, we steam into

I End Up Alone – The track comes at us with a real gritty guitar lick that is running alongside a punchy power-drenched rhythm section that brings snare drum punches with cymbal crashes that just get the juices flowing. The soaring vocals are just immense as they have steered this killer gig along the road without any real effort as the band has delivered a no-nonsense 9-track set that had something for everyone. The foot-stomping tones have just let this band deliver to us a scorching bunch of songs that reached everyone in the place tonight as the soaring vocals and the crisp musicianship elevated this outfit to the next level, we come to the final track

Photo (c) 2024 Zeezee Digital Imaging Crawlers Barrowland Ballroom Glasgow 20_­02_2024 Support To Mother Mother

Come Over Again – The crowd favourite spills onto the stage as we get haunting soulful vocals that let this track breathe. The punchy rhythm section hits us with cool bass kicks that bring in the snare drum beats as the deep bassline delivers a mellow groove that is just on the money, snare drum taps wander through the track as the backing vocals let the melodic tones fill the venue as the band just saves the best for last as we sing along and just want the band to keep playing as we get cool riffs and punchy beats that have us feeling the beat from this power-packed set that will have us wanting this 4 piece back again real soon.

Crawlers  –
                Holly  –  Vocals
                Amy  –  Guitars
                Liv  –  Bass
                Harry  –  Drums

Setlist  –
            I Don’t Want It
            Hit It Again
            Kiss Me
            Fuck Me( I Didn’t Know How To Say)
            Kill Me To Be Kind
            Better If I Just Pretend
            I End Up Alone
            Come Over Again

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