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Anybody who knows me will know of my love for eighties Sleaze Metal, in particular Faster Pussycat and their ilk. ‘All For The Candy’ is the new album from SUiCiDE BOMBERS, who I have always seen as the great white hope for this genre of music. I’ve enjoyed all of their previous albums and felt that they were close to hitting that sweet spot, without quite delivering the ultimate jackpot. The new album is a different beast altogether. If you can liken this release to one of those test-your-strength machines in a Warner Brothers cartoon, you’ve just hit the base of the device with your mallet and the bell at the top of the machine has flown right off. This is by a country mile the best album this band has ever released and indeed it is the most entertaining album within this genre of music that I’ve heard for many, many years.

The band have had a modern-day production makeover, but most importantly have released a record where every single song on display is an absolute banger of the highest quality. From the first few bars of the opening full-length track ‘Dynamite Playboys’, it quickly becomes obvious that you’re in for one hell of a ride. The Norwegian Rockers know their stuff and more importantly, they know how to party. ‘Take It Off’ and ‘Tonight Belongs To Us’ have huge choruses and would be best played at full volume when you’re driving your open-top car down Hollywood Boulevard. It still amazes me that these guys are from Norway as they sound like they are permanent residents of the Viper Room and it’s quickly clear that this album is sheer perfection, with not one second of downtime on show.

‘Out Of Love’ and ‘You Better Believe It’ thunders down the runway without pausing for breath, all screaming guitars, cool vocals and huge riffs and choruses. ‘All For The Candy’ has a touch of prime era Motley Crue about it and is the best track on the album for me. It’s got a slightly tougher edge to it and hasn’t been too far away from my music system all week.

‘Caligulizer’ rocks out like there’s no tomorrow and ‘Videodrome 2049’ combines the name of one of my favourite films with a driving beat and it is a huge immediate song that will have any Metal fan banging their heads and punching the air in their own homes, it’s that good. ‘Last Call’ sees us hitting the home straight with no reduction in energy or quality, while album closer ‘Where Time Always Goes’ is of course an exemplary Rock Ballad to close out the proceedings.

In conclusion, I loved this record. It’s eighties Sleaze/Metal of the highest order and I can’t wait for the feedback from those of you coming to this band for the first time.

To quote the band,” Over and motherfucking out!”


Chris Damien Doll – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Stevie Teaze – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

C.Slim – Bass/Backing Vocals

Lyle Starr – Drums


1. Intro: Candy Girls Worldwide

2. Dynamite Playboys

3. Take It Off

4. Tonight Belongs To Us

5. Out Of Love

6. You’d Better Believe It

7. All For The Candy

8. Caligulizer

9. Videodrome 2049

10. Last Call

11. Where Time Always Goes

12. Outro: Fin De Cette Motherfucking Transmission

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