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Review By Darren McIntyre

Collateral is a 4 piece rock band from Kent, England who came to our attention in 2018 with the release of their debut EP 4Shots. The boys have gone from strength to strength with accolades such as winning Camden Rocks Festival, Ramblin Man Rising Stage, beating 200,000 entrants to open for Bon Jovi and many support slots along the way on their road to world domination. The boys brought us their debut self-titled album in 2020 and this propelled them into support slots with Jared James Nichols, Phil X & The Drills, H.E.A.T. & Skid Row.

The boys release their sophomore album Should’ve Known Better on 24th May and in support of that new release they are setting out on the road to showcase some of the new material from that release, tonight they stop off at one of their favourite city’s Glasgow to rock with us on The Should’ve Known Better Tour. Please sit back as I take us through this awesome night of rock n roll that is certain to please this swelling audience, the lights dim and away we go-

Glass Sky –  Kicking off we get a deep punchy bass kick that brings a solid snare drum beat that allows this haunting rocker ballad the room it needs to grow, The soulful melodic vocals ease into the production as the classy guitar riffs kick in the doors and let this classy arrangement breathe, we have a cool funk-laden bassline that drops heavy cool tones that flow effortlessly through this foot-stomping track as the boys build and bring us a well crafted melodic rock track that has every inch the stadium feel about it. The composition has a haunting feel attached to it as their is a little mystery running through this cool little number, the boys have really honed their sound and given this track’s depth, swagger and bags of attitude it really lets the lyrics drive this piece onwards. Angelo is every inch the showman as he struts around the stage with his trademark smile that really gets the juices flowing from this excited Glasgow crowd, as applause floods in from the crowd we move on

Sin In The City – A thundering rhythm section kicks in the doors as this groove-laden number comes to our attention as Tristan brings his gravelly rasp to this foot-stomping track that just pops. The bassline is dropping effortless grooves that let this solid arrangement come for us, and the snare drum punches as giving this track depth, and direction as Ben controls the action from the back of the room. The boys are settling in well as they love Glasgow and it’s a fine rocking family that welcomes these boys with open arms. the place is rocking as the boys give us what we came for, old-fashioned rock n roll with swagger that oozes from the stage all alright. I caught a comment from one of the gig-goers ‘ You Could Hang Yer Dufflecoat Aff The Bass Players Nipples’ which I thought summed up the night, classic quote, we roll into the punchy rocker that is –

Promiseland – A shredding riff rolls from the stage as a pounding bass kick lets the rhythm section get this cool track off the ground. The vocals are piercing the night air as Angelo steps forward and brings his soulful melodic tones to tonight’s show as the tempo sizzles and the crowd get into this killer show. The belting bassline is wandering through this slick, crisp arrangement as we feel the deep bass kicks in our chest as this fast-paced rock n roll machine sends us a real polished performance that lets us see that these boys are bringing the groove and letting us know that they are the real deal and now is their time, the place is brimming with rock fans who are letting these boys do their thing as we roll into –
Final Shot – A dark gritty rock n roll shredding riff erupts from the stage as this foot-stomping beast hits us like a freight train as the boys up the tempo. The grungy riffs are held together with a real punchy snare drum/bass kick combo that sets out its stall as the boys drop the hammer and let us have it. The bassline is coming at us with a delicious meaty funk groove that wraps itself around this killer track that gets the juices flowing as we feel the energy oozing from this energetic 4 piece that is bringing the noise to Glasgow tonight, the tempo is rising as the gritty riffs kick in the doors and deliver a killer blow to the fine folk in here tonight as we holler and scream at the top of our voices before we stroll into

Big Shot – Angelo chats with the crowd and thanks us for coming out to support live music, especially us guys which raises a laugh. This is a really cool dark melodic track that comes at us with a sweet rocking punchy snare drum beat that gives this track a really edgy feel as the groove pours from the stage. The bassline is dropping epic funk tones that wrap themselves around this cool venue as the crowd raises their hands in the air and gets behind these boys as they drive their rock n roll juggernaut right through the heart of Glasgow tonight, the soaring rapy vocals fit this rocking arrangement perfectly as the boys deliver a real sludgy groove that is held together with a pounding rhythm section as Ben gets up in our face with a real solid beat, the place is rising to boiling point as we roll into

On The Long Road – Angelo steps forward with his acoustic guitar in his hand as his soulful bluesy vocals let this ballad rocker track make its entrance. The tempo is just sensual as the boys bring us a real thought-provoking track that has depth, and emotion oozing from every note, the bass kicks control the tone as the bassline wanders freely through the arrangement and lets us feel the boys pour their heart and soul into this incredible track that has killer vocals oozing from the stage as we sway from side to side as the place feels the groove wash over us and lets the boys tell their own story as the night goes up a notch with a sweet, clean guitar solo Louis lets rip with a real killer solo that stops us in our tracks, we await the boys as they tell us again how good it is being back in Glasgow before they hit us with –
About This Boy – Again Angelo dons his trusty acoustic guitar to let this awesome track come to life as his fantastic soulful rasping vocals let this track open and soar.

The rhythm section is again forging ahead with a solid snare drum beat that brings cymbal snaps that control the beat from the back of the room, the bassline is again dropping sweet cool grooves that flow freely through this punchy melodic number as the place sways from side to side as the tempo grabs us and tells us that these boys have reached another level with killer songs old and new that are taking these guys to new heights for sure. The night is speeding by so fast as we take a turn downtown with a few tracks left as we roll into

No Place For Love – A thundering snare drum beat kicks things off as the rasping guitar licks ooze from the stage as this bluesy rocker track brings epic soaring vocals that set this track apart. The vocals are just sensational as Angelo brings depth, swagger and bags of emotion to this toe-tapping track that breaks free from the pack as it delivers killer beats that are wrapped in a cool dark full-on bassline that is kicking ass tonight as it releases the sledgehammer tone that works so well with a sizzling guitar solo that is reaching every corner of this iconic venue tonight. Angelo gets the audience to scream back at him and the crowd replies with hell yeah as we catch our breathe as the boys take us into

Lullaby – A killer slick solo rings out as this punchy dark rock n roll classic comes for us with a real solid snare drum punch as the boys dig deep and bring the noise. The place is singing back Lullaby as the boys get down and dirty with this sizzling beast the rhythm section gets us all fired up with cymbal crashes that rain down on us as this awesome number breaks free and gives us cool basslines that deliver sweet dark grooves that are pounding on your chest as this slick guitar led monster builds and builds as it kicks in the doors and really socks it to us with it’s real gritty rasping vocals that are paired with a real punchy rhythm section that is pouring through this awesome track that leads us onto

Merry Go Round – Angelo steps forward and strums heavily on the strings as the melodic vocals ooze from the stage as the killer rhythm section brings the groove. The bass kicks are hard, and heavy and have real conviction as this foot-stomping rocker track gives us a sense of belonging to us tonight for sure, the boys have brought the groove tonight for sure and have given us a really varied setlist that welcomes some new offerings that are littered with old favourites that have certainly given something for everyone tonight. The slick cool guitar solo pierces the night air as the grungy pounding groove eases us into the last track of the night as we stroll into –
Midnight Queen – As the last track of the night erupts into the venue we get a pounding bass kick that brings a solid soaring snare drum beat that lets this track breathe. The acoustic strumming chords really let this track come in and give us that real country groove that sets these boys apart let me tell you, the bassline is again dropping heavy-laden grooves that work well in this cool funk-toned track as the sweet melodic vocals pour from the stage as the boys smile from ear to ear and take us homeward bound with this killer foot stomping monster that has again told us that these boys are ones to watch as they send us off with a slick, crisp solo that is taking us to new heights for sure.

Collateral  –
                  Angelo Tristan  –  Lead Vocals / Guitar
                  Louis Malagodi  –  Guitar
                  Jack Bentley – Smith  –  Bass
                  Ben Atkinson  –  Drums

Setlist  –
            Glass Sky
            Sin In The City
            Final Stand
            Big Shot
            On The Long Road
            About This Boy
            No Place For Love
            Merry Go Round
            Midnight Queen

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