Unveiling Isaac Howlett’s Solo Journey: ‘House of Cards’

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Isaac Howlett, the captivating frontman of UK synth-pop phenomenon Empathy Test, unveils his solo endeavour with the mesmerizing debut single ‘House of Cards,’ set for release on 28.02.24. Known for his dynamic delivery, Howlett’s solo venture departs from the familiar yet retains the essence of his evocative lyricism.

‘House of Cards’ retains the cinematic allure familiar to Empathy Test enthusiasts while introducing a fresh energy with a lively beat and angular synth-bass groove. Howlett’s poignant vocals soar, painting a vivid picture of escaping the clutches of a toxic relationship.

In this poignant track, Howlett’s vocals soar atop a dynamic blend of punchy beats and angular synth-bass grooves. The lyrics delve into the raw emotions of escaping a toxic relationship, delivering a message that resonates with honesty and vulnerability.

The raw and candid lyrics confront the harsh realities of such entanglements, offering a glimpse of eventual liberation. Despite the weighty themes, the infectious rhythm is bound to have fans dancing with a bittersweet catharsis.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Isaac Howlett’s solo prowess unfold on stage during Empathy Test’s upcoming tour, which includes eight UK shows. “House of Cards” heralds a thrilling new chapter in Howlett’s musical evolution, promising an unforgettable experience for fans old and new alike.

Isaac Howlett’s solo debut is a testament to his artistry and a thrilling glimpse into the next chapter of his musical odyssey.

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