Valhalla Awaits – ‘Perdition’

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Heavy Rock

Independent Release

Release Date – March 8th 2024

Valhalla Awaits are the next big thing to come from Wales. If they don’t hit big then the universe is totally upside down. Featuring the vocal talents of Andrew Hunt formerly of Buffalo Summer and Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons these guys will give Those Damn Crows and Florence Black a run for their money.

Kicking off with the real metal of ‘Door Of No Return’ – a crushing riff and pounding rhythm rattle along before the machine gun riff brings Hunt’s classic melodic metal voice all clean and powerful. Stirring stuff! ‘Staring At The Gun’ has huge riffage and a muscular groove with another excellent vocal from Hunt and Green backing him. Things come down on the darker ‘Is The Anybody Out There’ which is poignant and written from the perspective of a family member struggling with their mental health.

The chorus is a powerful reminder that mental health struggles are a real concern in this day and age. The metal returns in a big way on ‘We Remain’ which punches, dodges and weaves through to a catchy melodic chorus. ‘All Hope Is Lost’ ends things on a jagged masculine groove.

There’s obviously something in the water in Wales because this is superb. The right mix of heavy and melody. At times it grooves, and it pounds but there is also a lot of light and shade and sensitivity. The press release says its potent and powerful – yeah it is!

Track List –

1 – Door Of No Return

2 – Staring At The Gun

3 – Is There Anybody Out There?

4 – We Remain

5 – All Hope Is Lost

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