Shotgun Mistress – Kings Of The Revolution

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Shotgun Mistress are a hard-rocking 4-piece band from Melbourne, Australia who originally formed in 2018 and wanted to deliver ear-shatteringly good rock n roll far and wide. The boys dropped their self-titled debut album on us in June 2021 which gave us singles Bleed Me Out, Glorious Machine, Collide, Save Me from Myself and the colossal rock ballad May She Never Walk Alone. The boys spent time on the road with the awesome Electric Mary and had many headline and support slots last year, this year they are hitting the ground running with a new album planned for 2024 and are also hitting the road touring through Australia in February, Japan in June and Europe later in 2024. Please sit back as I walk us through this sonic eruption of a second album from these 4 scallywags from down under.

Kings Of The Revolution – Boom and off we go as this shredding beast is unleashed with all the might and power you would expect from these 4 renegades from Melbourne. The soaring gravelly vocals are hitting us with all their might and strength that we have come to know these boys for as this foot-stomping opener punches you straight in the face from the get-go. The heavy bassline is dropping sweet cool grooves that allow this monster to build and build, and the rhythm section is commanding the room from the back as Diamond Dave comes at us with a solid snare drum punch that drags bass kicks and cymbal crashes that just tell us that these boys are back and they mean business. This is a sterling opener that has a real stadium sound that lets us know that these boys are not messing about.

Sweet Woman – A gritty growling guitar riff pours from the intro as this storming arrangement kicks in the doors and gives it to us straight as the heart-pounding groove delivers in spades. The rhythm section is kicking ass as the solid full-on snare drum punches grab our attention as this beast rears its head and pulls no punches. The slick clean guitar licks direct this epic arrangement as the killer vocals soar and let this rocker track tell its own story as we feel the rawness oozing from this killer piece of music, the bass is again hitting us with cool meaty funk tones that just wrap themselves around this foot stomping rock n roll juggernaut. This is something special let me tell you and I am not saying this because these boys are my buddies, this is a real solid slab of rock n roll that is just waiting to be unleashed on the world

Shot Down – A real heavy-ended guitar riff comes at us with depth, attitude and swagger as this real gritty track hits us with all it has as the groove builds and builds. Cowbell is evident in the rhythm section as the snare drum beats control the groove as this awesome beast takes us on the journey that we have all been waiting for, the snarling guitar licks are just insane as they keep punching and punching till we are in submission with the real killer shredding riffs that are being laid before us. The vocals are soaring as they hit us with a real gravelly tone that fits this arrangement perfectly let me tell you, this is a colossal rock n roll track that is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at us.

Jude Judas – Pounding snare drum punches greet us as the bass kicks allow the groove to come at us as the cymbal crashes let this epic arrangement open and deliver sludgy licks that just put a smile on your face. The cool backing vocals work well in this laden guitar-riffed rocker track that is building with every chord that is laid before us, we get a cool bassline that hands us sweet mellow funk notes that blend well with this well-written piece that just leave you wanting more. This album is a real doozie as it picks up where we left off with their debut album in that it delivers bags of rock n roll with a real hard edgy groove with a thundering rhythm section that is wrapped in epic guitar licks and deep funking basslines that just gives and gives without compromise.

From Hell – A crunching power-driven guitar riff erupts from the off as this slick groover brings the noise with a gritty guitar lick that allows this awesome track to come at us. The rhythm section is dripping in solid punchy beats that rain cymbal crashes from the get-go as this fantastic beast lets rip and hits us with epic cowbell that just lifts the rhythm section and then some, the slick, crisp guitar solo is just immense as it navigates through this monster track as we feel the awesome electricity pulsing through this rocking power driven beast as the boys come at us with real enthusiasm as the awesome vocals deliver a gravelly rasping vibe that just lets this cool groove monster take us to another place and let us feel the energy oozing from this awesome unit.

Mary Jane(Ft Rusty Brown) – We have a killer vocal combo oozing from the intro as a slick gritty guitar riff wanders freely through and takes control of this awesome arrangement. Thundering snare drum punches are flooding in as cymbal crashes rain down on us Diamond Dave shows his teeth as he pounds on the skins and lets this awesome track evolve. The lyrics are just insane as the boys combine well and take this track to another level as the musicality oozes towards us and delivers a no-nonsense approach that gives us a slick air raid siren-like solo that just cuts through the energy erupting from these two vocalists as they combine to bring us a soulful rocking beast of a track that has everything we want from a shuddering rock n roll track that has meaty basslines that wrap themselves around the composition and give it to us.

Headspace – The epic attitude continues throughout this slick arrangement as the crunching guitar riffs let this track break free and deliver a deep funking rock groove. The rhythm section is hitting us with all it has for sure as the cymbal crashes let the snare drum beats take control and let the bass kicks make themselves known as they let the track erupt and deliver. The vocals are just awesome as they have a real rasping gritty vibe that fits the tone of this pounding juggernaut as it offloads with epic licks that are all wrapped in awesome basslines that give us delicious tone and attitude, the slick clean guitar licks are insane as they let this track unfold as the boys just take us on this epic journey that they want us to be part of.

Addicted To Pain – The rock-n-roll circus keeps rolling as this shredding beast awakens and gives us a real pounding beat that brings killer snare drum punches to our attention as the bass kicks and soaring cymbal crashes let this rock-n-roll renegade take us with it. The track just wraps itself around us and won’t let us leave under any circumstances as the noise builds and builds as the boys take control of this epic slab of rock and roll that is just a pleasure to listen to. This is a proper follow-up album that has depth, attitude, noise, direction and baga of the soul as we feel their musicality pour through the main vein of this fantastic offering.

Welcome To The Fight – Acoustic strumming chords are pouring through the intro as we get soulful vocals that are etched with pain as the boys bring us a rocking ballad that is just incredible. The soaring vocals hold our attention as the boys take us to another place and let us feel the emotion that they have inside, the rhythm section gives us a real solid footing as bass kicks ooze from this powering unit as snare drum beats come at us from all sides and let this beast unfold. Our incredible solo stops us in our tracks as the chords erupt with energy and punch us straight in the face with their infectious tones that work so well in this killer track. The vocals are just soaring and stretch this track to its limits as we feel the depth that these boys have given us.

It’s Alright – a killer guitar shredding intro breaks the silence as this pounding rock n roll beast erupts with real energy as we get into the groove with foot stomping arrangement. The bass is hitting us with meaty funk tones that are working well with the guitar riffs that are flowing effortlessly through this killer track that is working its magic on us, the rhythm section is bringing the noise as the thundering snare drum punches let this gritty monster leave it’s mark as the bass kicks bring real attitude to this slick, classy beast. The guitar licks are just insane as they work so well with this groove that is coming effortlessly from these 4 renegades.

Down – A killer riff pours from the off as the pounding rhythm section kicks in the doors and brings snare drum punches that allow this monster to give us what for. The whole arrangement is a masterpiece of music that gives us a shredding riffed mid-section that is wrapped in a powerhouse rhythm section that provides us with strong pounding beats that are dripping in cowbell, snare drum punches and epic cymbal crashes that just beef up the whole arrangement. The slick, clean guitar licks are awesome as they send out a clear message that this is a well-crafted pure nugget of rock n roll that will wreak havoc on the world when it drops upon us all sometime shortly if there is one thing you do this year listen to these boys and tell me I am wrong.

Shotgun Mistress  –
                              Glenn Patrick  –  Vocals
                              Matt Wilcock  –  Guitars
                              Ben Curnow  –  Bass
                              Diamond Dave Lee Daniel  –  Drums

                              Rusty Brown  –  Guest Vocals

Track Listing  –
                      Kings Of The Revolution
                      Sweet Woman
                      Shot Down
                      Jude Judas
                      From Hell
                      Mary Jane(Ft Rusty Brown)
                      Addicted To Pain
                      Welcome To The Fight
                      It’s Alright

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