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Review By Darren McIntyre

Troy Redfern is undoubtedly the king of the slide guitar who has certainly shown us that he deserves the recognition bestowed upon him recently. Last year saw him hit the road with The Sweet When Rivers Meet, The Quireboys & Robert Jon & The Wreck to name a few. Hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed album Wings Of Salvation & his winning HRH’s Blues Artist Of The Year & appearances at Steelhouse, Maid Of Stone & RAWA Blues Festival. Troy has given us The Fire Cosmic in 2021, and Wings Of Salvation in 2022. He has been busy touring the country delivering a masterclass in slide guitar with his gravelly vocals that have made him hot property in the blues rock department. Troy has given us singles The Strange, Getaway, and The Fever and today he brings us his fourth single The Calling from his soon-to-be-released new album Invocation, please sit back and grab a cold one as I walk us through this blistering new offering.

The Calling – A haunting melodic guitar lick flows through the intro as the track explodes with epic slide chords that let this track express itself. The rhythm section hits us with solid snare drum beats as the cymbal snaps control the groove and the thumping bass kicks let this track open and soar before us, the gravelly blues-soaked vocals mix perfectly with this colossal arrangement as we get the jist of this awesome musician as he lets rip with a deep blues-soaked composition that has us stamping our feet to the infectious groove that is oozing from this dark, delicious swagger laden track that is popping all over the place with slide guitar licks that are just incredible as the tempo changes pace and kicks in the doors with its intense tones and incredible depth that has us reaching for the repeat button as this talisman really drops the hammer on this awesome track that wets our whistles for the forthcoming release.

Troy Redfern  –
                       Troy Redfern  –  Guitar / Coral Sitar / Vocals
                       Dave Marks  –  Bass / Keys / Percussion
                       Paul Stewart  –  Drums

Track Listing  –
                      The Calling


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Photo Credit: © Jason Bridges

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