40 Bands Announced as We Launch Round 2 of Hard Rock Hell Spring Break – The Ultimate Rock and Metal Festival Experience! 🎸🔥

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40 Bands Announced as We Launch Round 2 of Hard Rock Hell Spring Break – The Ultimate Rock and Metal Festival Experience!

Get ready for an electrifying 4-day extravaganza featuring 40 of the biggest names in rock and metal across 8 diverse genres. It’s a rollercoaster ride of hard-hitting music, legendary performances, and unforgettable moments that will leave you craving more.

From the iconic Uli Jon Roth to the explosive Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate 35th Anniversary show, and the thunderous HRH Vikings led by Skalmold, the lineup is set to blow your mind. And that’s just the beginning! With AOR legends like Autograph and the Chuck Norris Experiment and a farewell showcase of NWOBHM greatness, this festival is a celebration of rock history and its future.

We promised you 4 days of Rock and Metal, 8 brands and genres uniting in one epic 4-day Rollercoaster and now we get stuck into the first 40 bands to be announced..

In no particular genre we welcome Uli Jon Roth, Kee Marcello (performing Europe) Ronnie Romero, Autograph, Jizzy Pearls Love / Hate 35th Anniversary, Cats in Space, Chuck Norris Experiment doing the classic and AOR stages then come the return of HRH Vikings spearheaded by the legendary Skalmold, SAOR, Wolf, Grimner, Waylander Cadence Noir and Sabbat Wolf. Other AOR bands include Voltstorm, New Generation Superstars, Blitz and Warbirds.

For all Royalty and VIP customers there will be the last staging of HRH NWOBHM as a pre-party Wednesday night, where we see Demon, Holocaust, Witchfynde, Saracen and Rhabstallion do it one last time. Delve into the depths of HRH Metal, HRH Doom vs HRH Stoner, and HRH Industrial for a non-stop barrage of heavy riffs, fierce vocals, and pure energy. With bands like Viking Skull, Sergeant Thunderhoof, and Funeral Witch Blues taking the stage, prepare to be transported to a musical paradise like no other.

The HRH Metal, HRH Doom vs HRH Stoner and HRH Industrial will have 2 full days and nights in stage 2 with a multitude of bands which include Viking Skull, Helgrind, Control the Storm, Woven Man, Motions, Bare Knuckle, Alice in Thunderland & Chaos bleak on the Friday and Psychlona, Sergeant Thunderhoof, Master Charge, Red Spector, A Gazillion Angry Mexicans, Droid and Funeral Witch Blues

Hard Rock Hell Spring Break 2 will be held from the 12th / 16th March 2025 back at Camp HRH Great Yarmouth. This is probably one of the most carefully programmed and curated experiences announced to date and to get your head around it, here are the slots which will also be available on the HRH Bible App.

We still have the HRH Vault headliner and the HRH Brunch to announce which will happen in the next couple of weeks…so stay tuned!

Royalty and VIP are being smashed apart so if that’s your thing grab yours either online at www.hrhspringbreak.com  at the Box Office on-site with Jess & Josh or live chat here

This is Round 2 of Hard Rock Hell Spring Break, bigger, better than ever before, grab your place & immerse yourself in our world of Rock n Metal with some of the nicest people on the planet.


Speaking of the experience, let’s explore the various packages available. There will 3 types

Royalty packages grants access to all four days, including the Wednesday pre-party. Enjoy premium accommodation, elevated seating areas, backstage seating, exclusive event merchandise discounts, after-parties, unplugged sessions, and a 10% discount on food and drinks throughout the event.
Click Here for Royalty Packages
VIP packages also grants access to all four days including Wednesday Pre Party . Enjoy VIP accommodation, elevated seating areas, backstage seating, exclusive event merchandise discounts, after-parties, unplugged sessions, and a 10% discount on food and drinks throughout the event.
Click Here for VIP Packages
For a shorter stay, the Classic Accommodation package covers three days with the option to upgrade for the Wednesday night pre-party.
Click Here for Classic Packages
With a maximum capacity of 1500, we ensure an intimate, seamless experience surrounded by like-minded, music-loving individuals.

And for those who are part of a larger group, you’re in luck. The more, the merrier, with the best per-head prices available at just £130 GBP for four nights’ accommodation and four days of mind-blowing performances.

Seize this opportunity to secure your place at the heart of this extraordinary event.

Accommodation is available on a first-come-first-served basis so be sure to get in quick! Any questions or queries, please email Jess on at jess@darkwatch.net or ring 0207 193 1164

Accommodation on Site Includes:

Free onsite car parking
Shower room with WC
Fully equipped kitchen for self-catering
Gas Fire in Lounge
Bed linen (bathroom towels NOT provided)
Free electricity and water supply
Click Here for Classic Packages
Click Here for VIP Packages
Click Here for Royalty Packages

A limited number of Touring pitches for Motorhomes and Camper-vans are available at the event site for just £130 for the whole weekend.

Please Note: Does not include passes to the event, tickets will have to be purchased on top of a touring pitch
Hard Rock Hell, Spring Edition, promises an experience unlike anything else on this planet. The choice is in your hands, the time is now. Join an intimate group of music lovers in a very special place, and be prepared to have your world rocked.

If you need any assistance, our office is open weekdays from 10am – 5pm


TEL: 0207 193 1164 | jess@darkwatch.net

Since the birth of The Chuck Norris Experiment back in 2004, the Swedish rock monster have released ten studio albums, numerous singles, collections and split albums. The band is on constant tour and will hopefully hitting Hard Rock Hell Spring Break for 2025!

Swedish Heavy Metal Legends Wolf continue their legacy of more than 25 years (and counting) on the band’s ninth studio album, ‘Shadowland’. Led by founding vocalist/guitarist Niklas Stalvind, the new LP is the band’s sixth offering on Century Media Records; boasting eleven tracks of intrepid, old school power metal. Throughout their tenure of more than a quarter-century, Wolf have toured with some of metal’s most respected names. Revered by fans for invoking the untamed bravado of bands like Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate, the group balances harrowing, sky-piercing vocal performances with rollicking guitars and power-punching drum beats on ‘Shadowland’.


Sergeant Thunderhoof is a Psychedelic Stoner Metal/Doom Metal band from Bath, Somerset. Their lyrical content consists of science fiction, mushrooms, and spirituality.

Formed during the first wave of NWOBHM by lyricist/vocalist Dave Hill and guitarist Mal Spooner, with Paul Riley on bass, Clive Cook on guitar and John Wright on drums, the Midlands, United Kingdom quintet hooked up with Clay Records supremo, Mike Stone, in 1980, to release their first single, ‘Liar’. Issued on blood-red vinyl, in a limited edition run of just 5000 copies, Liar marked the beginning of an incredible story spanning two decades – and counting.

Nottingham goth/rock and post-punk group Chaos Bleak has announced the release of a new EP, titled The Bleakest Hour, following up on the December 2019 release of Transcendental Chaos. As the band’s second EP, The Bleakest hour contains four original tracks written by the core lineup of Trev Bamford, Piers Sixx, and Justin Walker; often dubbed a gothic supergroup, the trio have each been members of such groups as Every New Dead Ghost, 13 Candles, Midnight Configuration, Arcane Winter, and more.

Sweden’s vikings of Grimner give a unique mixture of folk and metal, incorporating catchy melodies, folk instruments and heavy riffs into their own, yet aggressive metal. With their dynamic and captivating music, with lyrics sung in Swedish, and looking like they have recently arrived from a fantasy world, they have taken enthusiasts of both metal and folk music by storm. Grimner’s lyrics revolve around norse mythology, folklore, historical adventures of vikings and life in the same era. With some songs dark and brooding; others fast, jovial and folkish, Grimner’s music is as awesome as entertaining.

Psychlona is a four peace playing “Kebab ‘n’ roll desert rock from Yorkshire”. Founded in the summer of 2016.

Ronnie Romero was born and raised in Chile in a Protestant family of musicians, and started singing at the age of 7 in a gospel choir. After being introduced to Rock music He soon realized He wants to become in a Rock-Metal Singer, developing a strong and powerful singing style melting together the best of His favorite singers and influences such Ian Gillan, David Coverdale, Steve Perry and his beloved Ronnie James Dio. Ronnie moves to Spain in 2009 and soon developed His music career along renowned musicians and collaborating with many other bands of different styles. His Main act came in 2015 when He was discovered and contacted by the legendary Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore to reform the band Rainbow, which was touring with from 2016 till 2019, also recording 4 singles: “Waiting For A Sign” (original song previously unreleased), “I Surrender” (Rainbow re-arranged), “Black Sheep Of The Family” (Rainbow re-arranged) and “The Storm” (Blackmore’s Night re-arranged). 3 live albums: “Rainbow Memories In Rock I and II” and “Rainbow Live In Birmingham”, and 1 live dvd “Ritchie Blackmore’s Memories In Rock-Live In Germany”. Now Ronnie is up to conquer the world with His first SOLO album with all original songs, also co-produced together with the Spanish drummer and producer Andy C!!!

An explosive stage show that always delivers a POWERFUL and ENERGETIC performance that can only matched by the music itself. Control the Storm have emerged from the chaos of 2020 into a new era with a new stage production, new music and the determination to unite and bring YOU on this exhilarating journey. Cited as one of the UK’s most exciting live acts, Control the Storm make a pledge to rouse their fans old and new with their signature electrifying and grand performances both on stage and in the studio. The band have spent recent years forging their name into UK music with sheer willpower and dedication to their craft and fans. The band’s most recent album, Forevermore, is a fitting testament to this ethos: an optimistic and uplifting record, full of enticing vocals harmonies, complex orchestration, and powerful guitar riffs. With the promise of an upcoming UK tour, a second stage DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL performance and an emboldened outlook, Control the Storm started work on their 3rd studio album with hopes of a release before the end of the year. In short, the future was looking extremely positive. That obviously all changed in March, not just for the band but the whole country, when global pandemic struck. In January 2021, with one of the worst years imaginable FINALLY over, Control the Storm marked the occasion with the release of their new single, Desire. The single has proven to be the bands most popular release to date with support from over 600 radio stations worldwide and tens of thousands of online streams within the first month.
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