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92 is a hardcore powerhouse 5-piece unit from Los Angeles, California that seamlessly fuses the rhythmic cadence of hardcore music with the gritty influence of gangster rap & G-Funk. The band’s live shows embody their ethos, creating an atmosphere of inclusion & welcoming all seeking liberation from social constructs, today the boys drop their debut EP upon us, chill out and kick back as I walk us through this blistering 5 track tornado of hardcore fusion.

Culture – Cymbal snaps pour from the intro as a real shredding power riff erupts and lets this colossal hardcore beast make itself known. The vocals are a real spoken vibe that welcomes a cool backing vocal that really tells it’s own story as the boys hit the power button and bring us a full-on bassline that is coming at us from all sides and wrapping meaty grooves all through this epic foot-stomping beast as it cuts free and really expresses itself. The rhythm section is hitting us hard with pounding snare drum beats that welcome cymbal crashes that rain down on us as we just get to grips with this real gritty message, the whole arrangement is a nod to the 80s for sure as the boys come at us with all they have and just punch us straight in the face. This is a real sweet-smelling rock n roll monster full of depth, attitude and pure hardcore anthems that let us feel the musicianship.
Sold Out – Erupting from the outset is a shrieking gritty guitar lick that welcomes a pounding rhythm section kick that lets this motherfucker express itself. The delicious deep filled groove oozes from the boys as the killer rap-style vocals tell their own story as this clever, balanced beast is unleashed, the bassline drops colossal funk tones all through this foot-stomping arrangement as the killer guitar shreds rip this track to bits with it’s monster beat that is just exploding all over this awesome track. The shredding power riffed chords are easing their way through this rasping power-ravaged rock n roll powertrain.
Above The Law – Funky dark, delicious bassline is handing as a sweet powering funk groove that mixes well with the killer vocals onslaught that is being laid before us. The pounding rhythm section brings us snare drum punches that mix well with bass kicks that deliver snarling cymbal crashes that really let this track loose, we get slick, clean guitar riffs that are kicking in the doors and letting this colossal groover leave it’s mark with a dark, moody lyric laden track that is working well as the killer backing vocals let this track tell its own story as the crunching riffs deliver deep shredding chords that are wrapped in delicious bass tones that just pop.

Brick By Brick – Dark, deep bassline is unleashed as this punchy rocking beast comes to life with cool punchy snare drum beats that let this moody beast come at us. The rhythm section is again at the heart of this epic arrangement as the cool melodic rapper-style vocals wander freely through this awesome track. Bass grooves punch a hole in this power-drenched beast that just keeps giving and giving as the sludgy riffs come at us as this powering riff-laden piece drops epic funk tones and deep shredding guitar riffs that let this track breathe.
Imposter – The crunching killer riffs continue with this gritty deep guitar onslaught that allows the boys to give us hell in this last track. The rhythm section is again driving this juggernaut onwards as the thundering snare drum beats let this track come to life with its intense fills and pounding bass kicks that sock it to us, the boys are cutting loose with a gritty rasping guitar riff that is wrapped in sweet cool basslines that just elevate this killer track upwards. The foot-stomping groove is just insane as these boys drop the mic and let us feel the energy oozing from this colossal 5 piece hardcore unit that is just tearing us a new one with their intense vocals, thought-provoking lyrics and sensational musicality.

92  –

      Jabril Ward  –  Vocals
      Brandon DeVincenzo  –  Guitar
      Cole Patterson  –  Guitar
      Quinn Barnum  –  Bass
      Nick Sturz  –  Drums

Track Listing  –
                      Sold Out
                      Above The Law
                      Brick By Brick

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