Røry review 29/02/24 electric ballroom Camden

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There’s no better way than to spend my Thursday evening travelling to a midweek gig. After a quick after-work nap on the train I was at the electric ballroom in no time. I was extremely excited about this one and had been since it was announced months ago! Tonight’s show was headlined by none other than Røry who has been creating music of many genres since 2011. Røry is also one half of the popular TikTok account ADHD Love alongside partner Richard Pink, who both give tips on how to live and live with family members/partners who have ADHD.

The night began with the amazing Lleo who kicked off the evening with a bang playing a genre that Lleo themselves describe as bipolar pop, their music so full of emotion and angst with no attempt to hide any personal connections with mental health and LGBTQIA+ themes, and their recent work with both coke and the gay times has cemented them in there place as a lgbtqia+ icon!! standout tracks for me were both Serotonin and Boyfriend, with the latter going straight onto my playlist when I get home! Boyfriend has one of the catchiest choruses I’ve ever heard with a deep meaning hidden under the happy music. Lleo made everyone feel comfortable and valid, making this a very safe feeling start to the show!

Up next were Glaswegian powerhouses uninvited, who sounded a mix between pop, rock and indie but seemed more like a protest and let me tell you I am here for it! We need more bands like Uninvited, more bands that express themselves unapologetically! And with an indie/punky twist, the traditional anti-establishmentarianism with a lgbtqia+ flair to it!

Last but not least it was time for the last act of the evening, Røry! An artist that I’ve wanted to see for years. The self proclaimed sadcore artist burst onto the stage with ANTI-REPRESSANT an emotional and anthemic tune about struggles with mental health and the struggles of medication, this is one of the many tough subjects that røry covered tonight.

The crowd were crazy throughout her entire set, members of the crowd would even throw friendship bracelets up on stage which I thought was awesome! Røry herself was very enthusiastic as she engaged with the crowd. This really was an emotional rollercoaster of a show with many teary moments that even had me feel emotional. Overall this has been one of the best gigs I have been to in a while and was really worth the cancelled trains home that ended with a £30 Uber lol

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