The Neptune Power Federation – ‘Goodnight My Children’

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Heavy Rock

Cruz Del Sur Music

Release Date – March 8th 2024

Review By Smudge Smith

Never heard of The Neptune Power Federation until now. They’re from Australia and this is their sixth album since their debut in 2013. They promise pure Australian rock glory that meets the Sunset Strip. Apparently, the songs are a collection of nighttime children’s stories set to music.

That Australian meat n potatoes rock n roll comes screaming out on the rattling ‘Let Us Begin’. Two and a half minutes of down n dirty rock n roll which is continued on the AC/DC style ‘Lock & Key’ with an Ann Wilson on vocals. It’s dumb ass with a throbbing bassline and a nasty guitar lick. ‘Twas A Lie’ brings a bit of new wave with a poppy synth line and a simple guitar rhythm then things take a left turn on ‘Woe Be Father’s Troubled Mind’ which is 70’s psych/prog before we go glam on ‘Betrothed To The Serpent’ and ‘Evermore’. Synths and dreamy floaty vocals introduce ‘Hariette Mae’ before a creepy vocal and dark rhythm settles over a huge doomy riff. ‘Goodnight My Children’ is a dark lullaby with a sinister vocal before the chorus where singer Screaming Loz Sutch The Imperial Priestess lets rip.

I haven’t stopped playing this since I first heard it, there’s so much to enjoy. Huge riffs, pounding rhythms, seriously blinding guitar work, great basslines and don’t get me started on the vocals which are sublime. All the songs give a different atmosphere and groove with excellent melodies and banging hooks. Another excellent find and I’ll be sourcing their back catalogue once I’ve finished this review. If you like it heavy, down n dirty, and a bit left field grab this with both hands but be careful – it’s red hot!

Track List –

1 – Let Us Begin

2 – Lock And Key

3 – ‘Twas A Lie

4 – Woe Be Father’s Troubled Mind

5 – Betrothed To The Serpent

6 – Evermore

7 – Hariette May

8 – Goodnight My Children

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