The Commoners release new single “Too Soon To Know You” from upcoming album “Restless”

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“The Commoners bring their own brand of southern rock n’ roll swagger.”
– Rock and Blues Muse

“The Commoners produce sounds of exceptionality, 
effectiveness, and very high-quality craftsmanship.”
– Raw Ramp

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Following the success of their previous two new singles “Devil Teasin’ Me” and “The Way I Am,” Canadian roots and rock band The Commoners are pleased to announce the Friday 8th March release of “Too Soon To Know You” – the third single taken from their highly anticipated third studio album, Restless. Released by Gypsy Soul Records on Friday 21 June 2024, the new album is available to pre-order at 

Following their critically acclaimed 2022 sophomore album Find A Better Way, the Canadian roots rock quintet continue their dedicated musical journey to provide listeners with a hearty dose of Southern-style swagger accentuated with slide guitar, organ swell, and heartfelt vocals.

“Too Soon to Know You” is available on March 8, 2024, across all major streaming platforms, and promises to be a sonic testament to The Commoners’ evolving musical journey. The single is available to stream HERE.

A preview of the song is now available to stream on YouTube HERE.

Lively organ and crisp guitar support a soaring top line in this reflective track that wonders what might have been. Stirred by nostalgia, singer Chris Medhurst reminisces about a bond broken by time, offering a listen that will surely inspire a trip down memory lane. “Too Soon To Know You” will stick in your head for several days.

Having wrapped up a bustling 2023 filled with recording sessions and a UK tour alongside Grammy-nominated duo Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton, The Commoners have solidified their position as a must-watch act. 

The release of Restless will mark the quintet’s return to the road in 2024, with numerous festivals in the UK and EU, including Made of Stone, Steelhouse, and Moulin Blues Festivals, already scheduled for this summer. From the speakers to the stage, one thing is certain: The Commoners are spearheading a party rock renaissance, and the audience is cordially invited.

Combined with Ross Hayes Citrullo’s infectious guitar riffs, the new single delivers a song of quality and distinction. It’s the perfect follow-up to the previous singles, “Devil Teasin’ Me” and “The Way I Am.” “Devil Teasin’ Me” proved a popular staple on UK rock radio, with a 10-week run and over 100 spins on Planet Rock. 

A natural evolution from their 2022 album Find A Better Way, the forthcoming album Restless offers a peek behind the curtain of success, revealing the gruelling routines and ragged emotions that hide behind the glamorous aesthetic of a rock band on the rise. With introspective, slower-tempo numbers pocketed amongst rip-roaring anthems, the new album, recorded at RHC Music in Toronto, is a portrait of a hardworking group revitalizing a classic genre.

“As with our previous album, we wanted to marry old and new southern rock together in a way that was unique to the band’s Canadian roots,” says the Commoners guitarist and producer Ross Hayes Citrullo. “By adding the soul and rock elements of The Black Crowes, and the southern blues rock undertones of The Allman Brothers to a production style akin to Blackberry Smoke and Rival Sons, I think we developed an authentic sound that compares sonically to some of our favourite records across all of those music genres.” 


  1. Devil Teasin’ Me (4.25)
  2. Shake You Off (4.00)
  3. The Way I Am (3.42)
  4. Restless (5.17)
  5. Gone Without Warning (7.07)
  6. Who Are You (Ain’t Knocked Down) (4.15)
  7. Body And Soul (5.34)
  8. See You Again (4.42)
  9. Too Soon To Know You (5.11)
  10. All That We Have (3.20)

Approx. Running Time: 45 minutes


Devil Teasin’ Me – A bonafide banger with anthemic group vocals and electric riffs, “Devil Teasin’ Me” captures self-reckoning wrapped up in rock ’n’ roll. Lush background voices lend heat to the chorus, supporting Medhurst through a feverish performance.

Shake You Off – Gutsy guitar and driving percussion push “Shake You Off” from the speakers, initiating a gripping track that will have heads bobbing from start to finish. Punchy bass and searing organ pierce the arrangement, rousing listeners to a fever pitch as The Commoners attempt to break loose from restraints.

The Way I Am – A rowdy riff catapults The Commoners into “The Way I Am”, joined by kick drum thuds that strike the chest, immersing the listener in a track made for stadiums. Tension builds into an infectious chorus spiked with vocal support by Sandra Bouza. A guaranteed hit, “The Way I Am” sees The Commoners united in conviction, playing with the confidence of a band that knows exactly who they are.

Restless – Delicate picks and strums open “Restless”, lending a subtle Celtic feel to the track which evolves into a flourishing arrangement with piano and harmonic guitar accents. Within “Restless”, The Commoners unpack life on the road, folding the struggle and discomfort of pursuing a dream into a show-stopping number.

Gone Without Warning – A gritty riff puts fire under “Gone Without Warning”, launching The Commoners into a track that boils over with tension. Featuring a heavy hitting chorus with soulful backing vocals by Chantal Williams, the track is further elevated by the combined voices of bassist Ben Spiller and drummer Adam Cannon.

Who Are You (Ain’t Knocked Down) – Crunchy guitar cuts through the speakers, accented by stark percussion, and piano in this true party rock anthem. Certain to raise listeners to their feet, “Who Are You” features peppy organ alongside call and response vocals that kick this confrontational track into overdrive.

Body And Soul – Ambient slide guitar and viscous drones set the tone for a smoky and sultry number with a masterful arrangement that goes down smooth. Throbbing with rhythmic bass and percussion, “Body And Soul” traps The Commoners in a tangle of temptation.

See You Again – A true roots-rocker, “See You Again” is an ode to love and loss, good times and memories made, featuring a chorus fit for kicking up dust on the backroads with the windows down. Full-bodied acoustic guitar guides this track through contemplation to celebration.

Too Soon To Know You – Lively organ and crisp guitar support a soaring top line in this reflective track that wonders what might have been. Stirred by nostalgia, singer Chris Medhurst reminisces about a bond broken by time, offering a listen that will surely inspire a trip down memory lane.

All That We Have – Resonant acoustic guitar pairs with an honest vocal performance by Chris Medhurst for a reflective, poignant track. Lyrically centered around acceptance and finding peace through life’s troubles and existential anxieties, “All That We Have” is a tender affirmation of support. 


The Band
Chris Medhurst – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Ross Hayes Citrullo – Lead Guitar
Ben Spiller – Bass, Vocals, Piano (Who Are You, Gone Without Warning)
Adam Cannon – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Miles Evans-Branagh – Organ, Rhodes, Piano (See You Again, Restless, Too Soon To Know You)
Chantal Williams, Nicki Lawrence, Sandra Bouza – Backing Vocals

The Team
All songs written by The Commoners
Produced by Ross Hayes Citrullo and The Commoners
Executive Producer – Renan Yildizdogan
Recorded at RHC Music, Toronto, Ontario
Album mixed by Ross Hayes Citrullo and Renan Yildizdogan (RYCH)
Engineers – Ross Hayes Citrullo, Ben Spiller, Adam Cannon, Renan Yildizdogan
Assistant Engineers – Adil Batty, Ben Byck, Jon Savard, Dylan Davis, Emily Goguen
Mastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Mastering, Nashville, Tennessee


19-21 JULY 2024


Stay tuned for more tour dates at:


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