Muddibrooke – Float – Single Review

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Muddibrooke is an alt/rock/grunge trio based in Derby, UK who originally came to our attention in 2020, the band has amassed a large following/fanbase and has achieved worldwide airplay from stations like Kerrang Radio, Planet Rock, BBC Radio 1 and have been fortunate to share the stage with the likes of Nick Oliveri, The Virginmarys, Wayward Sons & Black Star Riders. Today the band released their explosive new single FLOAT which I will be reviewing for you today.

FLOAT – There is an air of mystery surrounding this powerful beast as the shredding guitar riffs erupt and let this dark, melodic number make its entrance. The moody, soulful soaring vocals of Brooke bring this track to our attention as the pounding rhythm section comes from and centre with its colossal snare drum punches that give this track attitude, swagger and lots of depth. The mixture of the fabulous backing vocals elevates this foot stomping grunge monster as the epic grooves catch you off guard as the band comes together with soaring melodies that merge as the bassline drops killer grooves that work so well with the thundering snare drum kicks that ooze from this fantastic piece, the shredding power chords are delivering in truckloads as the piercing vocals wrap themselves around this mysterious, dark, brooding beast as it comes for us and then some.

Muddibrooke  –
                       Brooke  –  Guitar / Lead Vocals
                       Anna  –  Bass / Backing Vocals
                       Morgan  –  Drums

Track Listing  –


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