“Reflection” by Spoken

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Title: Echoes of Resilience

XOVR RecordsRelease: 15 March 2024

Spoken, a beacon of resilience and artistic integrity, emerges from a music scene often cluttered with fleeting trends. Their tenth studio album, “Reflection,” is poised for release on March 15th, 2024, courtesy of the newly minted XOVR Records. This album not only reaffirms their position as rock genre stalwarts but also pushes the boundaries of their own musical identity.

Brian “Head” Welch, co-founder of Korn, leads XOVR Records, providing the perfect platform for Spoken to unleash their latest opus. “Reflection” arrives after a seven-year hiatus, transcending mere music to delve into the profound human experience. From the opening anthem, “Echoes,” with its infectious melodies and driving rhythms, to the title track “Reflection,” the album navigates life’s ebbs and flows, capturing moments of introspection, anguish, hope, and triumph.

As the sonic journey unfolds, tracks like “Hourglass” and “In the Dark” seamlessly blend aggression with melody, creating a cathartic and compelling sound. Each song feels like a chapter in a larger narrative, woven together by themes of perseverance and hope.

A standout moment arrives with “Anymore,” featuring a guest appearance by Brian “Head” Welch himself. This track is a raw, energetic tour de force—a testament to the enduring bond between Spoken and their fans. 🎵🔥

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