Fatal Frames – Ten Toes Down – Single Review

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Fatal Frames is a Deathcore/Djent band that was formed as recently as 2022. I’ve been following the band for a little while and have seen them grow pretty quickly in a relatively short period of time to the effect that their Spotify and Social media numbers are the equivalent of some bands that have been around for a lot longer than these guys. It’s also apparent that their live show audience is getting bigger every time they hit the road, so all the signs are of a band who have the capacity to catch the eye of the general public.

But what about the music I hear you say? Well, the addition of two new band members has certainly given Fatal Frames a bigger sound and this song is the heaviest thing they’ve released to date. In my mind, it’s their most accessible tune so far even though they have still retained that brutally aggressive sound and attitude. Their live shows always appear to be high energy with an exuberant crowd and if I was twenty years younger and didn’t have a bad back I’d be throwing myself around the mosh pit with the rest of their fans. As it stands I’ll have to make do with their studio releases, so I’m pleased to report that this song begins with a slower-paced but still frantic opening riff before it morphs into the type of Deathcore I like the most – slightly slower, ultra heavy and above all an incredibly angry vocal that will knock you out of your shoes with its intensity. The band have an E.P due out later this year and I’ll be awaiting its release with interest as I predict bigger things for this outfit given the right breaks, so I’d advise you to get on board this train pretty quickly before it’s flying down the tracks at one hundred miles an hour. Great stuff.

Fatal Frames:

Mat – Lead Screams

Pedro – Clean vocals/Backup Screams

Ty – Guitar

Tanner – Guitar

Fil – Bass

Livio – Drums

Track Listing – Ten Toes Down

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