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Review By Darren McIntyre Photos By Scott Anderson

HAWXX is a crunching 4 piece alternative/punk-infused metal band based in London but hailing from England, Wales, Greece & Italy who fuse punishingly heavy riffs & technical proficiency with melodic songcraft. The girls have played The Dogtooth stage @ Download, and toured with Tremonti & Helocene across Europe, the girls came together around the end of 2018 and released a few singles & an EP. The girls have just dropped their debut album Earth, Spit, Blood & Bones which has come at the right time as they visit Glasgow as part of their epic tour, please join me as I take in this colossal machine HAWXX, the place is filling up nicely as the girls bounce onstage and open their account with the rip-roaring pounding monster that is –

Embrace The Ugly – The crunching twin guitar riffs fill the air as the full-on bassline drops the hammer as this awesome track kicks in the doors and lets The Kettleheads feel the full force of this epic 4 piece. The thundering rhythm section is really letting us feel the heaviness as Jess comes at us all guns blazing as the track really grabs us and lets us know that the girls have arrived. The stop-start groove is epic and really tells a story as the fantastic vocals really let the tone grab us and let the crowd feel the fraught emotion pouring from this fantastic band as they kick in the doors with a phenomenal opener that has grabbed our attention, the place is just buzzing with anticipation as we roll into

Death Of Silence – Kicking things off is Jessica as she pounds on the skins to let this thundering beast raise it’s head and let us feel the intensity of this snarling 4 piece. The deep mellow bassline is wrapping itself around the groove as the girls bring us a crunching track with melodic vocals weaving their way through this crowd-pleasing track. The twin guitar riffs fill every corner of this small but heavily laden venue as the place responds to this cool snarling band, the cool vocals are symphonic in places as the tone wanders effortlessly amongst this heaving crowd as they just feel the intense tones flowing freely tonight, the place is baying for these girls to give us more and they oblige with the fantastic –
Blunt – A pounding snare drum beat fills the air as the shredding power guitar riffs combine with a deep full-on bassline that is dropping cool tones all through the intro as this melodic monster comes to life. The vocals are just awesome as they tell their own story as the band just opens with a real foot-stomping ravaged shred that really works well with the pounding rhythm section as Jessica really delivers with killer cymbal crashes that get this colossal punk-infused rock n roll juggernaut rolling. The tracks pack a real punch as the rhythm section controls the gig from the back of the room as the guitar riffs wrap themselves around the deep pulsing bassline that gets the place moving with its intense funk tones that lead us perfectly into

Trust Your Rage – The tempo is a real sullen affair as the soaring vocals pierce the air with their direct tone as we stand and watch with real intensity as the track rises from the ashes and really kicks in the doors to get our attention. The colossal bassline is dropping dark, full-on meaty grooves that are working so well with this twin assault of shredding riffs that really brings the symphonic feeling to Glasgow tonight, the tempo changes pace several times through the track and that just elevates the tempo of this foot-stomping beast as the girls really offload with depth, swagger, attitude and bags of sass as we just watch intently as these girls deliver a fantastic dark, full on track that is just incredible, we roll into the awesome –
Reckless – Anna chats to us and asks has their anyone in the audience who has been labelled too sensitive, this is for you she bellows back. We get a really cool guitar lick that works well with the rhythm section as it brings us a pounding snare drum beat that brings cymbal crashes that really let this track bring the heat, the bassline is driving this track forwards as the beat is pulsing through the venue with ease as the piercing vocals catch our attention and let the fierce 4 piece deliver a well crafted, thought-provoking track that stops us in our tracks as we punch the air and really let these girls control the night as we roll into –
Death Makes Sisters Of Us All – There is a real doom side to this track as the thundering rhythm section opens the account with a thumping snare drum beat that brings bass kicks and cymbal snaps that just let us know that these girls have come to Scotland, laid down a marker and brought the groove to us all tonight. The searing guitar riffs are tearing through the venue tonight as the epic melodic vocals really deliver with their sharp, intense tone that really allows the track to build with crisp, rasping guitar licks that are wrapped in the real pounding, meaty rhythm section that is just bubbling to the surface as the gig just raises the bar as these girls bring the intensity, depth and gritty tones to Audio tonight, we stroll into –
Soulbreaking Machines – The searing guitar riffs break the silence as this rocking ballad rips through Audio tonight and lets us feel the depth of these girls tonight. The rhythm section is a real standout tonight as the depth of the playing is sublime let me tell you as we punch the air with full force this thundering beast opens up and just tells us what these girls are all about. The full-on bassline drops epic funk grooves that compliment the guitar riffs as this dark, moody track breaks free and really delivers a rousing journey that takes us on the ride with them, the girls thank us for coming out to watch them deliver, dark, melodic tunes that hopefully people will relate to,  we move onto

Dogma – Snare drum punches followed by cymbal crashes get this dark, moody track off the ground as the girls ramp up the intensity with this full-on punk-infused rocker. The soaring vocals are tearing through the venue as the pounding beat wraps itself around this foot stomper of a track, the bassline is dropping colossal funk tones that work well with the arrangement as the whole piece just sizzles as we feel the rawness pouring from the stage tonight. The gritty guitar riffs are tearing through the venue tonight as we change tempo for a bit the rhythm section explodes with snare drum punches as the cymbal crashes rain down on us with vengeance and real depth, and we hit the last track of the night in the form of –
Bite(Holiness Is Fuck) – Finishing on a pure punk-infused gritty beast is this song all over the back as the shredding guitar riffs tear the roof off of Audio tonight as the girls bring it. The rhythm section is coming at us with intense pounding snare drum beats as the cymbal crashes rain down on us as this beast roars, we get all the girls lending their vocals to this fast-paced rock n roll monster as the screaming vocals are just doing it. The thundering riffs and full-on bassline give this track real depth as we get what these girls are all about as they just let loose and really bare their souls tonight and I will tell you that those who were not here really missed a track let me tell you.

               Anna Papadimitriou  –  Lead Vocals / Guitar
               Hannah Staphnill  –  Guitar / Backing Vocals
               Julia B Cadau  –  Bass / Backing Vocals
               Jessica Dunn  –  Drums / Backing Vocals

Setlist  –
            Embrace The Ugly
            Death Of Silence
            Trust Your Rage
            Death Makes Sisters Of Us All
            Soulbreaking Machines
            Bite( Holiness In Fuck)


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