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Review By Darren McIntyre Photos By Scott Anderson

Dewolff are psychedelic power trio from Limburg, The Netherlands, Deep South which formed in 2007 and brings us a fusion groove with a killer beat that just lets you lose yourself and feel the energy that these boys bring. The boys have given us Strange Fruits & Undiscovered Plants 2009, Orchards / Lupine 2011, Dewolff 2012, Grand Southern Electric 2014, Roux-Ga-Roux 2016, Thrust 2018, Tascam Tapes 2020, Wolffpack 2021, Double Cream 2022 and their latest blockbuster Love, Death & In Between. I was lucky enough to catch these boys in a support slot last year and fast-forwarding to 2024 we find ourselves in the splendid Voodoo Rooms in Auld Reekie, the place is filling up nicely as the boys bounce on stage and bellow out ‘This is something special is it not which brings a loud cheer. the boys again thank us for coming before they launch into –

Night Train – Pablo bellows out are we ready for some rock n roll the super cool Hammond-style keys fill this splendid place as the track bursts into life the rhythm section brings the heat as the boys strap in and let us feel the groove. Pablo’s vocals are gravelly with depth and real soul that lets this incredible groove-laden beast tell its own story, the trio are already proving their worth as the place is feeling the love from this awesome power-bending trio. The rhythm section is commanding the room as Luca pounds on the skins and lets us feel the attitude pulsing through this grand venue tonight as Pablo swaggers around the stage and lets us have it both barrels. Guitar licks are spilling out all over the stage as this fantastic trio gives us what we came for tonight, psychedelic blues with truckloads of rock n’ roll thrown in for good measure, the place erupts with loud hollers, and cheers as Pablo smiles from ear to ear as the boys take the plaudits from this swelling audience as they roll into

Heart Stopping Kinds Day – We welcome a slick cool guitar lick that is wrapped in colossal keys that let these boys bring the funk to Auld Reekie tonight. The rhythm section is pounding away from the back of the room as this toe-tapping funkalicious groover catches us and takes us on the journey with this monstrous trio as they deliver the goods. The tempo changes direction as we feel the groove fill the venue as Pablo’s soulful vocals let us take the journey with the boys, the epic keys are just on the money as this killer track just keeps building and building as the boys pull us in and let us get our groove on tonight, we applauded loudly and really soak up the atmosphere as they chat and tell us that they don’t have places like this in the Netherlands and want to come back real soon and that raises a huge cheer, we await the boys as they have a chat and discuss the setlist before they roll into

Yes, You Do – Pablo cuts loose and brings the riffs as this incredible track erupts from the stage as the boys settle into their groove and give it to us big time. The pounding snare drum beats control the rhythm of this awesome track as the slick riffs wander freely through this awesome venue tonight, the colossal keys are playing a major part in tonight’s flavour as we cannot help but stamp our feet and punch the air as this fantastic arrangement just grabs you and delivers as Pablo steps forward and just shreds like there is no tomorrow before he is joined by sweet, psychedelic style keys that just set this place on fire tonight. We are just feeling the groove tonight and I can tell you that those who are here will be having one hell of a time tonight as I am, we stroll into the classic

Will O The Wisp – The tempo is slowed a little as this epic track oozes from the stage as the keys just settle us into our groove and the snare drum taps allow the rhythm section to come and take control. The soulful vocals are just taking us on the journey as these boys take us all the way tonight, the incredible tone is just wrapping itself around Voodoo Rooms tonight as the soulful, smooth grooves just come and deliver a real thought-provoking groove that is just what the doctor ordered tonight. The place is fixed on the stage as this fantastic trio delivers a cool funk-laden groove that is leaving us wanting more and believe me we are going to get it tonight, the place is buzzing with excitement as this pumped up power driven trio turn the screw and hit us with

Tired Of Loving You – Intro is a real mesmerising key intro as Robin steps forward and hits us with a psychedelic mix of Hammond-style notes that get us cooking. The rhythm is bubbling under the surface as these boys just hit the gas and let us get swept up in the excitement as the soulful bluesy vocals flow effortlessly through the venue tonight as the bass kicks come at us with ease as Pablo’s hands out the sweet clean guitar licks that grab our attention. This is a real masterclass in psychedelic blues with bags and bags of soul as we close our eyes and feel the energy erupting from every person in the room tonight as the slick killer guitar fills just take us away to another place as we watch the boys deliver something special tonight. The place is silent as Pablo, Luca & Robin come together and just create something magical that is so infectious it is just insane, we roll into the epic

Double Crossing Man – The funk element comes back in as the boys come at us with a really funky feeling groove that is thick with a punchy rhythm groove that just brings us along for the ride. The epic Hammond keys are wrapping themselves around this foot-stomping beast as the place stands still as the boys take the tempo down a little as Pablo gets us to sing back to him, we oblige and bellow back to him as the place comes to life with a funk-laden beat that is just on fire, we stroll into the incredible monster that is

R U My Savior – Normal service is resumed as a cool funkilicious groove pours from the stage as the boys dig deep and bring the heat right to us tonight. The rhythm section is giving us smooth punchy snare drum beats that bring cymbal crashes raining down on us as the uber cool keys just take your breathe away with their depth and precision as the place is hotting up and giving us what we came for tonight a fusion groove that is littered with soulful vocals, sweet keys and bags and bags of funkadelic soul laden riffs that just take the roof off of this splendid venue tonight. if you missed tonight’s show shame on you as these boys are just incredible as they saunter through this well-crafted set and think about their musicality as they grow with every track that is coming to us tonight, we are just in awe on these boys as they rip through a colossal setlist that is full of chunky grooves, delicious riffs all wrapped in pounding drum fills that will leave us wanting more, up next

Treasure City Moonchild – Pablo steps forward and tinkles on the strings as he lets us go on the journey with him as he offloads with a salvo of licks that just stop us in our tracks. The rhythm section is helping out as it hits us with snare drum beats that deliver a cool killer beat that just allows this track the room it needs to grow, The bass kicks are letting this funking monster loose as the slick, crisp guitar licks build and build as we ready ourselves to be dazzled by this incredible trio as the track explodes with a wall of keys and pounding drums that are wrapped in delicious guitar riffs that awaken the senses as these boys give it to us and then some. The boys are singing in harmony as Luca pounds on the skins as Pablo rips up the playbook and just shreds at the front of the stage and dazzles us with his intense playing that is off the scale, we move to the business end of tonight’s entertainment as the boys ready us for the epic beast that is, oh wait, Pablo, goes walkabout in the crowd and has a chat and picks up a beer and tells us a real personal story of his wife and how he has been with his beautiful wife for 16 years which draws a huge cheer, anyway onwards to

Rosita – Ending tonight’s incredible gig is the wonderful track that just fills us with joy as the smooth snare drum beats let this track breathe. The fantastic vocals are filling the room as the keys just erupt and let the groove wash over us as we let Pablo loose as he shreds like there is no tomorrow, the track is a real celebration of psychedelic blues that just sharpens the senses as the boys bring us along for the ride as we just stamp our feet and feel this epic groove take us to somewhere new as we just lose ourselves in this keys rich track that is kicking in with a cool punchy rhythm section that just kicks ass, we get a sweet slick guitar lick that just kicks in the doors and delivers a full-on classy guitar riff that is wrapped in the bluesy vocal attack that is just what the doctor ordered tonight, roll on the new album that will certainly bring us some singles for sure.

Dewolff –
             Pablo Van De Poel  –  Guitar / Lead Vocals
             Robin Piso  –  Keys / Hammond / Backing Vocals
             Luca Van De Poel  –  Drums / Backing Vocals

Setlist  –
            Night Train
            Heart Stopping Kinda Show
            Yes You Do
            Will O The Wisp
            Tired Of Loving You
            Double Crossing Man
            R U My Savior
            Treasure City Moonchild


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