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Review By Darren McIntyre

BEX is a flame-haired pocket rocket punk rock ball of energy spice with a delectable enticement who is known for her raw & edgy sounds and who has a real DIY ethos, we get big riffs with honest no bs lyrics. 2024 kicked off with a support slot to the fabulous Saint Agnes which was hot on the tails of 2023 and saw her sharing the stage with the likes of WARGASM, Witch Fever, Future Humans, TRUNC, UPGRADE London. BEX brought us her debut EP back in October and blasted her music at many festivals up and down the country, this has enabled her to hit the road once again to deliver a punk-infused rock n roll juggernaut that crashes into Glasgow tonight and right into Audio where she is just about to take the stage. The place is filling up nicely as BEX and the boys explode onto the stage and drop the colossal beast that is

Filfy –  A meaty full-on bassline drops in as the pounding rhythm section kicks in the doors with a real punchy snare drum beat that welcomes cymbal crashes that get this awesome little pocket rocket on the road. The melodic almost spoken vocals wander freely through the track as the boys deliver a real funk laden power driven groove that allows this rising star the room she needs to grow and spread her wings, the thundering opening track tells us we are in for one hell of a show from this exciting little gem as she wanders around the stage almost prowling and getting to know her audience, we roll into the epic
Chained Into My Brain – The thundering tempo continues as this foot-stomping monster comes at us with cool lyrics that really let our imagination run wild.

The deep funk-laden bassline is kicking us all over the place as we get a pounding bass kick that drags the cymbal and crashes along for the ride as this fist-pumping punk track just builds and builds with every note that crosses past us tonight. The track is a real mellow venture that is hitting us with everything but the kitchen sink as the crowd really gets into the grungy, punk grooves that are pouring from the stage tonight, we catch our breathe as we stroll into –
Hazmat Suit(My Ass) – A thundering rhythm section erupts with an onslaught of cymbal crashes and snare drum punches that really get this killer track on the move. The sweet noisy vocals weave their way through this punk-esque track as the rhythm section holds court and really gives this track some depth, swagger and plenty of attitude as the band squeezes us tighter and tighter as this foot-stomping rock n roller steams right through the heart of Glasgow tonight as we get a short, sharp prod with a giant punk infused stick that gets us moving, up next is the rocking

Trust No One – The crunching snare drum beats come and smack us straight in the face as the cymbal crashes kick us straight in the face as this killer track comes to life. The spoken vocals wrap themselves around this gritty rock anthem as the band ramps up the tempo and gets our feet moving as this fist-pumping monster is opening up and letting us see the real band as they lose their shit and get the groove flowing through the venue tonight for sure, this is a short sharp punchy track that just lets us feel the energy oozing from this awesome musician as she plays her trade right here in Glasgow tonight, up next is

Slave To The Grind – BEX chats with the crowd and asks us to move around and dance to this pumping groove-laden beast that comes armed with another killer rhythm fill that lets us feel the energy pouring from the stage tonight. This is a really funky mature piece that captures BEX’s writing ability as the crowd gets into the fusion tones that capture the essence of this awesome little musician as she takes us along for the journey. The track is a stop-start rock beast that has plenty of punch that just showcases this fantastic ball of punk rock magic, we are getting into the business end of the show as we roll into –
Spyd4 K1ng – BEX crawls around the stage sa pounding snare drum beat smacks us straight in the face as a deep full-on bassline drops killer funk grooves that just grab our attention. The vocals are piercing the air with their intense range as the band drops in with epic grooves that let us stamp our feet and let this fusion groove grab a hold of us as we let this rising starlet loose in Glasgow tonight as she punches a hole in Audio tonight with her energetic no holds barred lyrics that just allow this track to breathe, we hit the business end of the show as we stroll into

Don’t Date The Devil – A cool snare drum beat pours from the stage as the twin riffs kick us in the face as BEX and the boys drop the hammer and let this monster loose. The vocals are sharp, and straight to the point and just allow the groove to flow freely as the place warms to this energetic ball of punk rock madness. The place is bouncing as the funky riffs echo all through the place tonight as we feel the power drop from a great height as the band really show us what it means for us to be here tonight, we come to tonight’s last track of the night in the form of

Sundae – bringing tonight’s proceedings to a close is the super stylish rocker track that brings pounding snare drum beats to us as BEX lets her vocals do the talking. The night has been a mix of punk / rocking tunes with epic thought-provoking lyrics that let this young lady stand out from the crowd, we are getting electrifying grooves with deep basslines that really let this track breathe as we feel the fun side of this charismatic songstress as she takes us homeward bound with a classy foot stomping groove laden punchy number that will leave us with a smile on our faces for a while to come.

BEX  –
         BEX – Vocals / Bass

Setlist  –
            Chained Into My Brain
            Hazmat( My Ass)
            Trust No One
            Slave To The Grind
            Spyd4 K1ng
            Don’t Date The Devil

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