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Review By Darren McIntyre

Circadia are an emerging rock band from Essex, UK who are known for their captivating blend of rock & classic metal elements. The band were formed in 2023 and quickly gained attention for their seamless fusion of genres as they delivered us their epic debut single Condemned, they followed that with the equally crunching monster in the form of World Of Games so please join me as I bring you the follow-up.

World Of Games – Slick crunching guitar riffs are crashing the party as the pounding rhythm section comes at us with a pounding bass kick that brings snare drum punches that let this fantastic track hit us with all it has. The searing twin guitar assault is just awesome as we feel the gritty chords drive this epic track onwards the whole arrangement is wrapped in fantastic vocals that are smooth with real tone as they let the whole track breathe and grab a hold of us. The tempo changes pace midway through the track as a shredding guitar riff just explodes and lets the dark colossal riffs wander freely through this foot-stomping arrangement as we just lose ourselves in the musicality that is grabbing a hold of us and letting us feel the depth of this epic piece of music. The band have something special as they take us on the journey with them as let us become part of this extraordinary journey.

Circadia  –

               Mecia –  Vocals
               Mark  –  Guitar
               Craig  –  Guitar
              Roy  –  Bass
               Josh  –  Drums

Track Listing  –
                      World Of Games

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