Single Review: Voodoo Ramble & Mick Pini – “I’m A Bluesman Baby”

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Review By Glen Parkes

Voodoo Ramble, the Croatian blues rock outfit led by Boris Zamba, delivers a captivating taste of their forthcoming album with the release of “I’m A Bluesman Baby,” featuring British blues guitarist Mick Pini. This collaboration, born out of a shared passion for the blues, marks a return to the genre’s roots for the band, following their well-received “Home Again” album.

Recorded at Mick Pini’s House of Happiness studio in Germany, the chemistry between Zambia and Pini is palpable from the first notes. The track ignites with a sparkling shuffle blues, showcasing the musicians’ virtuosity and deep connection to the genre. Boris Zamba’s gritty vocals and Mick Pini’s soulful guitar licks intertwine seamlessly, propelled by the groove laid down by drummer Damir Somen and Hammond player Neven Resnik.

“I’m A Bluesman Baby” is a boomer track that pays homage to the blues tradition while infusing it with fresh energy and creativity. It’s a must-listen for blues enthusiasts and music lovers alike, promising to leave audiences tapping their feet and yearning for more. “I’m A Bluesman Baby” is a testament to the enduring power of the blues and a testament to Voodoo Ramble and Mick Pini’s mastery of the genre.

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